My Story!

My Story;

On May 14,2000 I was accused of armed robbery of a convenience store: $80-dollar robbery. On June 14th,2000 I was charged with the same by information. I proceeded to trial on May 8,2001 in Putnam County, Fl I was sentenced to life in Prison on July 19,2001. I filed a federal petition for written of habeas corpus in the United State District Court, Middle District for Jacksonville, Fl division on November 8th, 2014. Challenging an error commonly referred to as “Structural Defect”. Said petition is still pending before the Honorable James R. Klindt , United States Magistrate Judge for said Division. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in year 2007 by water baptism. On May 27,2017. I was Baptized in the Holy Spirit, I have dedicated my life to serving the Lord as a faithful Laborer in His Word 11/28/2018. The Holy Spirit Commissioned me to write a book for Jesus Titled: Removing the Euphemistic Shroud of Deception from God’s Holy Doctrine.” I began this book several years ago, only now do I realize, there’s much work ahead. MY Mother Sadie C Palmer Akins died June 30,2015, 15 days after my 37th birthday, my only surviving sister Spencenia abandoned me in 2012. I’ve been alone ever since as far as family is concerned. A friend of mine Rene, aka Deese became my brother & family the day of my mother’s death, His mother & grandmother accepts my calls and letters. They are not Christians, but the Lord blessed them with a good heart I know that Real Family are those whose life are has driven through Christ.

My name on the street was Jemeni, with the letter “ J” Shiloh is who I am on a spiritual level, Until Christ calls me to the level of Saint. I desire to be someone great in this world, I’m destined to become something great like a beacon for God or an oracle of man. Whatever the Holy Spirit calls me for.

Poem: There was a time in my life when I did not believe

All the theology About Christianity, But when I

Became alone There was no one for me.

I was abandoned by the people who claimed love for

Me, they had the nerve to say I wasn’t meant to be.

That it was wrong for me to be born in humanity They

Said I can’t live in their society

They said I’m full of sin and washed up with iniquity, growing

In the spirit for those who have an ear, let’em hear it.

Anthony Akins #x03475

Hamilton C.I.

Current Release date : Life

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