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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

I came from the struggle where I Lacked sense of integrity and righteous decisions which hurt me dearly, I had potential. At An early age I had the attitude of get it how you live. My entire concept of life was founded on violence, misbehavior, and materialistic things. with the desire of wanting the greater things in life came a reckless and careless life. During this time in my life I felt like I wasn’t getting rewarded, So I took things in my own hands and did what I need it to do to live the Jacksonville lifestyle. When my Father came home from prison, I thought we would be united but that was far from the case. I guess I expected him to show me support during my time of misbehaving and show me love but he kicked me out and influenced my mom to be okay with it. his ruff reprimands all it did was get me colder inside being 12 and not being able to get in the house just made me more angry, disobedient & treacherous. Even though I could hide the pain with a smile. I mean what did my mom want me to do? Stay on the porch all night until they decided to let me in or sleep on the porch with the raccoons, I was scared to death of them. I went to a friend house and tried to figure out what was I going to do with just $20 and the clothes on my back. Besides the fact that my parents kicking me out, I adapted to the street life quickly. It wasn’t long till I linked up with some friends from middle school that dropped out and we did our thing in the streets. My first robbery was at 12 the fact that the girl that was with us didn’t snitch was a plus and being that I was so young I got away with it . my parents came to pick me up with my lil brother and they beat the crap out me, I got beat so much that I became immune to it waiting on the whipping so that I can go about my business and do wrong when they were done. Even thou my parents tried to show me another way of living the outlaw life kept calling me back. Once you get a taste of the street life and the attention it brings, I just ran with it. My parents didn’t have to kick me out anymore I was running the streets, sleeping in friends’ houses, parked cars and the more I ran the more heartless I became. I was a manipulator I would use people that knew people that did me wrong and then I would rob them blind. After a while I started pushing away people that did love me and started selling weed & crack so I could get my money up to stay up, with the everyday fast life-influenced by elder peers who where getting real money. I felt so alone a lot of the times left out I drift off from my friends that where my age to hang out with the older crowd. my loyalty was there but to the wrong people the life was getting to me and the ADHD and the fact that I wasn’t taking care of my self-making rushed decisions got me into a lot of problem. I didn’t feel like I was normal -a lot of times I felt so absent from all my friends, family not really knowing the truth about me. which also later down the line why I made the book (The Truth of Reality). I lived a wild life and got arrested for car-jacking once the second charge I took for a so call cousin I had out here in the streets by the age of 16, I was taking a plead deal of 18 years. It felt like a life sentence at the age of 16 the fact that I had a broken mentality didn’t help my situation. My first year in prison was the craziest because I didn’t hear from anyone outside except my best friend, she kept me sane. During my time in the jit camp all I did was fight and assault people which is part of being in the camp. During my time at the camp I found out that I was a mastermind at hurting people and getting away with it and I guess that was a way of escape for me. My best friend encouraged me to behave and get out of prison early ,and since I loved her I worked on that .I felt so happy because I had so much hate inside and I thought here I found someone that I can share my love with, which I think it was all I was missing during my life. And just like that she pushed my loved to the side and just like that I was back to the cold hearted stuff again. as I got older, I was transferred to an adult prison and while in there I continued to hustle selling drugs on the compound while my appeals kept getting denied. The more time I spent here the more I got into other things I wrote a book which got stole, so I wrote another one and finished it recently while in the box. I ended up getting me a cell phone and met a girl fell in love. my mastered mind ways where always putting me in the lime light of the correction officers, come to find out my prison love ended up getting pregnant. so I was heartbroken again and my roommate snapped on me trying to kill me, I wonder why? I thought we was down I wouldn’t question anything he asked me for. During our time in the box I was trying to shake this girl I had fell in love with. I get out and ask me how I ended up in the same dorm as that roommate that stab me .well I started hustling again tried to get me a little phone and thought this love stuff aint for me . I started using Tunchi (K-2) of course I thought it would help me escape from being in here the problems you have. My depression state had me sneaking and geekin on the tunchi(k-2)smh, I turned 21 and you know I got down with a couple of homies in the dorm , smoked a little , clowned a little. that old roommate of mine showed me some K2 and I told him what you showing me for you going to give me some? He said nah, so I walked away thinking he just trying to show off. Now he smoked more K2 then me and reckless with it after the last shake down, I gave my homeboy White boy Red my banger (weapon) and went to sleep. All I know that night my old roommate got up started stabbing me up I fell off the top bunk he was stabbing me in my eye, lip, hand, back of the head, punctured a lung and one in the rib. All I could think while he was stabbing me was – “what the f$#k he is stabbing me for?’ for some reason I felt he heard my mind because he kept saying you trying to steal my shit, you trying to still my shit. (I thought I got 2 lockers full of it your poor ass nigga). Next thing I know I was recovering in the hospital. But wait just chill it gets worst, I felt so ugly with my face swollen the doctor said you are Blessed you are not blind , while I was in the hospital the doctor found I had my stash turned it in to the officers which turned into another charge. During my life I always suffered from constipation and while in the hospital I was so backed up that I wasn’t able to breath the doctor said I’m surprised your not throwing up your own feces. Funny things is the doctor said if I had not gotten stabbed I probably would have had 2 weeks to live. the constipation was so bad it was pushing up my esophagus up, the doctor said getting stab was the best thing that could have happened to me. So, he said do you want to sign this paper so we can do emergency surgery your colon is the size of a new born baby, so I signed. when I woke up from the surgery, I had a colostomy bag which broke my pride I had totally lost my swag. these situations really humbled me I was heartsick and thought to myself how my life became so tragic. After being in solitary about a month and half I was healing good, I shook the nurse after that I did another 30 days in opposed protection and then was transferred like in about a week. I hooked up again with my old girlfriend the one that got pregnant, she called my parents and told them what happened to me I never heard my dad so disappointed and hurt before. When we hung up, I cried I had not broken down when I got arrested years before, but I guess it was due. My girlfriend came around and it made me feel proud that she didn’t care I had that a shit bag on, but Just like that she drifted off again, so I continued to hustle I thought I aint going home without some money in my pocket .I ended up in the first prison I had been to when I first got locked up so I did my thing .one day I used some one phone and it was a mistake them dudes jumped me so bad, so an old friend came and helped me out, so I gave him the rundown of what happened some dudes from Jacksonville came over to help me. I gave them some weapons while lacing them up on what happened. Inside of me I wanted to let it go because I know I’m destined for greatness but my Pride, Respect and the fact that I am a Man took over. When they popped them doors me and my home boys jumped out, we caught their brother in the hallways he didn’t know what came over him. I had my back brace on trying to cover up my colostomy bag I was ready to die for my Respect. We made the news that September at Colombia C.I. you can google it, them gang members were expecting the retaliation but not so soon .In the mix I got stabbed again in the temple , hand , and back I died on the way to the hospital I was choking on my own blood it was the first time I ever felt that I was dead from all the times I been unconscious from serious injuries. That was the worst feeling I ever felt in my life I wouldn’t wish that on no one. but being the soldier that I am I Survived. So, I got a chance to tell my story and for that I thank you, I’m at Peace Now Praise Yahweh and God bless.

Sincerely,Daer’vaun #135929

Florida State Prison

Current Release date :10/2029

LAKE CITY, Fla. - Four inmates of the Columbia Correctional Institution were hospitalized after violence broke out among 10 prisoners at the facility on Thursday, according to the Florida Department of Corrections.

FDOC did not say at what time the incident occurred, but it did say there were no injuries to responding staff.

No further information was immediately available.

The violence came six days after a spokesperson with the Hamilton County Institution Annex said a group of its inmates "began acting out and became noncompliant."

FDOC called it a "disturbance" that occurred at the facility in Hamilton County. A spokesperson said no staff or inmates were hurt.


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