My Story Michael Aumuller.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

My name is Michael Aumuller and I am a prisoner in Florida serving a natural life sentence for killing someone I have never met. My story begins while serving in the military. I went through a few stressful schools in the navy's nuclear program. During this time , my wisdom teeth were removed and the pills I pills I received helped more than the tooth ache. I felt stress free for a couple of weeks . Just prior to graduation , I started making plans to marry a wonderful woman that made all the previous bad relationships worth it . However , my ship was called into a Mediterranean cruise early and I never saw her again . When we got back, I obtained a second job and spent all my resources looking for her and building a nice home, The stress built up and I had a tough time sleeping. One day the power in my neighborhood went out and I was late for work .The stress of facing disciplinary action once again was too much (my car brokedown a few years before this ).

The young people at my second job took me out to a few parties and I discovered raves .I was sucked into the culture and I felt like the military was the source of all my problems. So, I smoked some marijuana and turned my self in for help. The program created a monster . The program convinced me that I was a helpless drug addict . When I got out, I became one. I travelled to big parties determined to just have fun . I had a close friend that taught me how to DJ, and also use heroin. I fell in love with both instantly. What I discovered is that drugs are no solution to problems. I lost Jobs, relationships, possessions ,and my freedom. I tried to quit but nothing worked .

I turned to God and prayed. The next day I was arrested, after being pulled over and searched. When I was released, my girlfriend drove us off the Howard Franklin Bridge. The rear tire miraculously caught and the car spun back onto the bridge. without a car I had to walk everywhere. I started to go to church and doing right , but old crimes started catching up and I had to face my past. The final charge was first-degree murder. The police report stated that I distributed heroin to a young man that died from that heroin. The report was the detectives' imagination, no witness actually stated this. The person that sold to the young man explained that he purchased heroin from my ex-girlfriend .Meanwhile, the detective believes I told him that I sold to the person that did not die ..CONFUSED? In the collection of he said , she said, I never met the young man before or sold him anything; nor was part of a plan to sell to him. Normally, this means that I did not commit the crime, neither a principal to the person that did . However, the scope of felony murder was stretched to make me guilty and exonerate everyone else. As I write this I have been incarcerated for 16 years . My daughter turns 18 years this year and I have never met her. I completed my appeals , and have no opportunity for parole. I thought I was going to be released when I found that the young man choked to death on a power bar , but the forensic book I cited was not accepted and I could not afford an expert . Yet my time in prison has not been stagnant ,My Facebook is filled with art that I have been able to do . My schooling consists of a paralegal course and certification as a law clerk, and a doctorate in divinity from Christian Leadership University .In the chapel, I have taught programs for character building and evangelism. I operated the sound system for 10 years and the worship leader for 2 years. I played the keyboard and bass in a band for graduation of a drug band off and on for a couple of years , as well as being a keynote speaker .Still I continue on. Last month I started fresh at a new institution and I'm already in two bands (playing bass and keyboard) and the praise team (sound). I am also preparing to teach art again. Best of all, I have learned to cope with stress. I can confidently say that I have no desire to use drugs. My hope is that I can obtain a commutator of sentence. The clemency board picks one or two people each year and I need the support of registered voters. Please ,feel free to research me , google my name , st pete times has a few articles as well. Your help is greatly appreciated .

Michael Aumuller #r21358

Current Release date : LIFE SENTENCE

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