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Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Hello America for those that don’t know me my name is they call me TBAYE,

My government name is Dytrell Jones I don’t consider this a story, it’s Life my Life to be exact. I’m from the 305 Miami Dade County for the ones that don’t know, I am currently serving 19-25 In prison for being a well known Ring Leader of robberies Dated back since 2006.I’m 27 since my incarceration I’ve evolved to be amongst the best, do to my history of the street life, living by the Code of Loyalty in which many fall short of. I’ve been placed at a table with Blanca’s Finest Hitmen, Cocaine Cowboys, John Doe’s, Str8 Drop, 308 Boy’s, Some of the Best to come from Dade County.

Prison, People is not what you think it is, the generation now, just put it the way Future put it” IF YOU ARE NOT A GANG MEMBER YOU ARE JUST A TOURIST” Honest Truth. This gang shit is unreasonable in Florida you ask me. But it’s common, I’ve been to 9 different prisons between 2013-2018 and I’ve been given numerous opportunities to be in a gang, but I reject them all, shoot I never listened to my old girl growing up why would I listen to a person I meet a couple of days ago... To me that’s backwards, So I stick with my street mentality, what can the next person do to me that I can’t do to them “Not a F#$%&#@ Thang”. I mind my Business Always and forever. I’m a Human Rights Activist, Currently Enrolled in Blackstone Career institute. I’m 10 months away from becoming a Certified Paralegal. I major in constitutional violations, I’m not for the people I’m with the people., I say that because constantly daily as a felon in prison stepped on gum of the sidewalk get more respect. I’m a habitual violent felony offender and that title gives me hell, I battle with the police constantly. For example, not even 3 months ago I got off lockdown close management for battery on an officer call up to Apalachee C.I East Unit and asked about my condition, I’m back in confinement going back to close management for at least 18 months for another battery on an officer. see what the streets/ civilian world fails to realize is a prisoner is subject to lose his life act any moment, I’ve experienced it firsthand. I’ve come to realize that in this life it takes for an individual to experience something to learn something new. I’ve learned so much about law, I’ve filed 2 lawsuits on the Florida dept of corrections for constitutional rights violation. I’ve done law work for prisoners and got them major relief, like I said I’m not for the people I am with the people. Even though just 9 days ago I was deprived of everything but the boxers I wore in a cell freezing cold below forty degrees outside, no heat ventilation, I froze for 5 days because of officer 6”4 240lbs grab me by the front of my shirt, me 5’10 155lbs , bout my food being play’s with I punched this officer in the face 4 times given him a black eye, I defended myself. The documents are being falsified, and I still stand firm on my stand for others, but I get four walls in return. Lonely I am always seeking comfort from the ladies, there is a love of my life in Miami somewhere it’s been since 2016 since I heard from her. I guess is love lost. Nothing new in prison a lot in life I deal with, No complaints. People in America come together because Deteriorates the Mind set of freedom, and just because people like me are felons, don’t mean we are Bad people. Prime example I WAS IN College get in AA in Business Administration. Education is a Lust for me I’ve been studying Astrology, doing for other’s because I’m a trend seta.

A.K.A Tbaye

Dytrell Jones Prisoner Committed or the People with the People.

Santa Rosa C.I.

Current Release Date : 2030

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