My Whole Trial was Corrupt! By Richard L Warren

mid-April 2005 the police came for me on a misdemeanor charge. I had my Boston terrier in my arms (buggy) and was going for a stroll, made it to the front lawn and flashlights hit me, all I heard was turn around get on your knees and being shouted at several times .so I turned around and got on my knees. I got hit so hard the dog almost ended up on the roof., the police started hitting & kicking me. My girlfriend screamed why are you beating him? they were trying to block her from witnessing the beating, she screams why are you beating him? During their abuse one officer kicked me in the eye and I had to be transferred to the hospital where I received 9 stitches 3 inside 6 outside, the cops were spooked then and went by my girlfriend's house asking if they were cameras outside of the homes and she replied yes. After the incident they added 2 more charges to my case. They called my girl and told her they had our dog in the squad car a block away. She went to get him, and they used the opportunity to ransack the house. They went through everything: closets, cabinets, drawers, etc. & didn't even close the door. After bonding out I went to the sunrise police department internal affairs to file a report and they took a picture of my eye. 5 months later 10/17/2005 they were after me again, felonies this time. the k-9 cop & his buddy had already been to the house looking for me, they planted a huge knife on the floor on the left side of our king size bed, right where I slept, when I got home, I washed clothes, ate, drank a couple beers, showered, then went to go lay down. I woke to hearing keys jingling, whispers, & a click, I opened my eyes just in time to see a Belgian Malinois what? he was making au turn at the foot of my bed. He comes right to me and clamps down on my left forearm. here comes the storm troopers , k-9 cop first he straddles my chest grabs , my left wrist and starts yanking it real hard back and forth on the dogs upper fangs the bottom fangs were ripping & tearing my flesh & scrapping my bone his yelling let go of the dog , let go of the dog .I was handcuffed and the copes started beating me profusely after they was done taking their turns they drugged me outside hogtied after their beating I was taken to the hospital where I stayed 5 days I had to have surgical surgery on my arm with 16 surgical stitches detective Sean Visners came by and took pictures only of the areas that suited his report . I filed a federal lawsuit & a state torts made it all the way to trial and was told I couldn't represent myself, then I was appointed a lawyer from the volunteer’s department from plantation and the jurors were deliberating on how much money I would get, they stated they couldn't find any dirt or wrong in the police officers that hurt me. My second trial was over in a day in half, all through the entire before trial I was putting in motions to subpoena documents as from 2002-2005 how many suspects had to be taken to the emergency room. How many were killed? I put in a motion for discovery, motions to compel discovery, duces tecum, they flat out refused to answer any of the interrogatories .so I could not get this much needed info, plus I could not get the photos of my arm& face the courts I could reopen the case with this evidence.

my whole trial was corrupt the judge in my case was removed from the bench by two full bar prosecutors in the supreme court for public corruption my prosecutor resigned for same or face termination with investigation.

My Federal Habeas Corpus case no: 0:19CV-62898

The second time 0:08-cv-61721

You can contact me Richard L Warren

*Liberty Correctional Institution (Male)

11064 N.W. Dempsey Barron Road

Bristol, Florida 32321-9711

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