No Regrets!

No Regrets

I have no Regrets for the pain in my Life, for it has only made me stronger, nor for the sorrow for it has made me solid and helped me understand myself. for the one’s who have abandoned me have made me loyal.

I have no regrets for loneliness, for I have learned how to deal with the darkness in life. For the anger inside me thought me to have a sense of peace, for any enemies I have made through them I have been thought who not to be.

I have no Regrets for the passing of those I loved for their death have showed me how to live, nor for the rejection because I have learned to love my self .in the passage of time I have gained much knowledge.

I have no regrets for the path I’ve chosen, for it has made me a better man, for being lost at times for in it I have found myself, nor for the wondering which will lead me home.

For a child is Born and his life is full of struggles in the pain I have found the will to survive and will keep pushing by any means.

I have figured out that by doing this time alone all this years have given me the time to find myself.

David Abbate #k55348

Okeechobee C.I

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