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Warrant Issued In Family Feud Drive-By Shooting

August 10, 2012

A warrant has been issued for a Pensacola man wanted in connection with an incident that occurred Tuesday afternoon on West Jackson Street when multiple shots were fired at a house.

Rufus Marcel Abrams, 22, address unavailable, is wanted for six counts of aggravated assault with a weapon, and one count each of attempted murder and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

While a motive for the incident, which occurred around 3:30 p.m. in the 2400 block of West Jackson Street, remains under investigation, it is believed to stem from a homicide that occurred December 17, 2011, in the 1200 block of West Moreno Street.

Keondrick Abrams, 17, of the 2700 block of West Yonge Street, who was Rufus Abrams’ cousin, was shot to death in the December incident and died at the scene. Tykey Douglas, 17, of the 3100 block of Cedarwood Village, Pensacola, also was shot.

James Dortch, 20, of 911 S. Madison Dr., Pensacola, was arrested December 27, 2011, and Novel Austin Jr., 20, of 213 South J St., Pensacola was arrested December 28, 2011. Both were charged with one count of attempted homicide and one count of premeditated homicide.

Detective James Reese said since the December shootings, Pensacola Police have investigated several incidents where shots were fired involving members of the Abrams family threatening the Dortch family.

The most recent incident occurred Tuesday after a court hearing for Novel Austin and James Dortch at the M.C. Blanchard Judicial Center, 190 Governmental Center. Reese said there were disturbances between the Abrams and Dortch families Tuesday inside and outside the judicial center as they were leaving.

The West Jackson Street incident occurred a short time after the families left the judicial center. The suspects approached the house on foot and multiple shots were fired before the suspects entered a vehicle nearby and left the area.

The Gun Crime Response Team is being utilized in the investigation of this incident, and additional arrests are pending as the investigation continues, said Capt. David Alexander.

Anyone having information on the incident is asked to contact the Pensacola Police Department at (850) 435-1900.


Thanks for the Christmas Card it was the Only one I received besides the one I got from a long-time friend. Here is my story!

In 2011, December 10th on a Saturday around 5:00 pm, I received a call from a woman named o.j she informed me that a long-time friend of mine was dead & that he committed suicide. I took it as a joke until, I heard the serious tone in her voice. I couldn’t believe it. I hung up the phone, called around & his death was confirmed by the first 3 people I spoke with. That was all I needed, his funeral was held the following Saturday on December 17. After the funeral, I was headed to the burial site. I was chosen as a Paul bearer, but due to my car breaking down right after the funeral I couldn’t make it. my car was doing well prior to the funeral, but as soon as I try to crank it after the funeral, it wouldn’t crank. I went home with a druggie, after I got to my mom’s house I lied down and thought about my life. I received a called from Keodrick Abrams a.k.a lil Daddy, He asked for a ride and stated that he had a big lick and couldn’t miss it. I informed him that I did not have a working car now. We hung up and an hour later I received a text from Naomi Sealey & Tyree Sims stating that they wanted a ride with me. Prior to this call I had called a long-time friend, Marquise Wallace and asked if he could let me borrow a vehicle for the night. At the time, I obtained my money illegally by selling illegal drugs. I finally received a car, I picked up Naomi first, rode around a while, flirted with her made a couple of sales then went to switch cars because the car that I was in had bad breaks and no heater in the winter. I then picked up Tyree, we rode around went to check on my broke down car, went to the studio, then to Mc Donald’s. Then I received another call from someone who said that Lil Daddy got shot & Tykey aswell and lil daddy didn’t make it unfortunately. My heart dropped, I rushed to the scene I saw his mother crying, hugging her son. She said God what I my going to do without my baby? What I my going to do without my baby? I went home sad that night!

10 days later, my mother informed me that the Pensacola police had surrounded her house in search for me. I called the department and they told me that I would need to come into talk to them but gave no details. I went home with my baby moms, woke up the next morning with a text that Whorp killed lil Daddy. I went to jail view on my phone and saw that James Dorth was in jail for two counts of Homicide. I couldn’t believe it, I was asked to go to the court house to support the arrest of lil daddy’s killer. I agreed and even though my child’s mother advised me not to due to the incident at my mother’s house the night before. I still attempted to go, when I went outside and got into my car, a black Chevy impala, moving at a high speed pulled in front of my vehicle. my child’s mother was pregnant at the time screamed, dew dew it’s the police! A white man quickly exited the black car with a revolver brained washed, aimed directly at my head. I was surrounded by over ten vehicles and was apprehended. I was taken down to the police station and questioned, I thought the interrogation was based on crack sales. However, as the interrogation continued, I realized they kept asking me about Keondrick Abrams and Tykey Douglas. Then the detective made my stomach plumed to the pit of my stomach. “Novel Austin”. You are under arrest for the Murder of Keondrick Abrams. I couldn’t believe it, I took a trip to the county Jail. I felt like a weak child, my faces were on the news, on the front page of the paper and my name became a household name. 13 months and 3 weeks later I proceeded to trial, the Testimonies was given by officers, one witness, Jack Woodul, attested that he saw a white s.u.v speeding away from the scene, but saw no shooting or heard no gun shot. Forensic Specialist Attested that a white S.U.V owned by Truna Dorth (my confidants E. James Dorth Mother) had the victim’s blood in it (Tykey Douglas). James Dorth interrogation statement were disclosed in which he admitted that he was at the scene and did see that Tykey Douglas was on the ground bleeding from his head but did not admitted to seeing a gunshot. Akeiya Mitchell then Testified that James Dorth and another man, Shaquille Rogers, who is commonly

known as a choppa was together in a white S.U.V around 4:30 pm the day of the murder and they were asking people to rob. She admitted that I was not with them and she had never seen me with them and that I don’t hang with them, the testimony that killed my acquittal and spirit was my friends the victim he pointed at me and said I was the shooter. Everything slowed down and voices blurred. Since my representation wasn’t very adequate, I couldn’t refute the testimony he gave stating that he called me because my attorney didn’t show my phone records. I had a few defense witnesses, but my lawyer only called one, Naomi Sealy she was my alibi witness, but she couldn’t remember anything, from what time I picked her up till the time I dropped her off. That left me no defense, that was my only hope. Right before I could get on the stand to defend myself, my lawyer sad “Novel is best you don’t get on the stand because the states going to impeach you with a rap you wrote. If you don’t testify, we will win. I took his advice and after deliberation, the verdict was handed to the clerk court.” GUILTY AS CHARGED”

I was sentenced to two life sentences.

I lost two of my friends to gunshots.

I lost a lot of friends because of the verdict.

I lost my girl, my family, & my freedom forever.

For a crime I didn’t even commit & I wasn’t even there.

“3 Years after being in Prison, Tykey Douglas realized that I didn’t do the crime and wrote an affidavit he made a mistake by identifying me .10 months later he killed himself. About a year and half later a suicide letter surfaced that states that he was committing suicide because he put a man in prison forever that was his friend for a crime he didn’t commit. That could get me out. But his father told me that his mom threw the letter away because she didn’t want to hold on to any bad memories. That situation threw my chance of getting out but I still have God and Faith so I know things will turn around.

Thanks for letting me state my story...

Novel Austin Jr #P46935

Hamilton C.I

Current Release Date: LIFE

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