One Day!

One day ....

I will watch the sun settle behind the hills of good fortune, while holding the hand of my gift from God.

A gift so selfless and giving has me driven to make each day I have with her remarkable, the day I lose her love,

I’m under God's throne with a GPS and a flashlight, searching heaven and shaking down hell, flipping everything in between until I get her heart back. but God knows I will never lose it ...


I’ll be the proudest parent among the legion of high school-supporters. On this day, my voice will fail me and the unabashed years that adorn my eyes will tell the story of my glee filled heart. Her joy, because its' over, mine because it has merely begun. all the years of pop quiz-have come to a screeching halt. now she must realize all the real lies that she has been told by her peers. But my body is strong and intelligent, this is by God's design, perfect for his purpose. a goddess among-st queens and a queen of the goddess. Due royalty belies within the mere essence of her true nature.


yes, it was this day It was 3 hours,17 minutes &42 no 43 seconds ago. That the decision that changed my life was made, my own free will has caused me to forfeit my freedom, after hours of intense searching I found the package that free will arrived in bundled and sealed away nicely I returned it to sender. exchanged free will for his will now I’m free in, free from stress and worry free to praise my father's name through the blessings of his son. All while during chaos knowing I’ll come out of the scuffle without n scuff on me ...Jonah escaped his whale and so will I. soon enough yeah

Wilson #j42560

Santa Rosa Annex

Current Release date :Life

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