Our Promise !! By Dytrell Jones.

Forty acres and a mule, that was the compensation the united states government promised to give every freed African slave in America following the passing of the 13th Amendment. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with most of the deals the Federal Government agreed to, it was Reneged upon & 150 years after slavery was abolished , the progeny of those who suffered the inhumanity of that Barbaric system are still waiting for uncle Sam to honor that commitment .

This is what the ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery). An organization created for the sole purpose of Forcing the United States to Reimburse the Black Community for the Labor it used from enslaved Africans, is up against. not only do they have contend with a Contingency of Non -Slave Descendants who don’t see the issue Important, But they most also wrangle with Black Elected Officials who are more concerned with Maintaining their Offices in Washington D.C. than they are Righting the wrong that was done to their own people .Forty Acres & One farm , animal , which was estimated to be the Equivalent of somewhere between $25-40,000by 2019 standards is a small pittance to pay considering The abundance of Generational Wealth that was created over the course of 300 years. In fact, by only Demanding such a Small amount in Return American Blacks seem to be low balling themselves...

Contact: American Descendants Of Slavery (ADOS)

Dytrell Jones #M75660

Santa Rosa Correctional Institution (Male) 5850 East Milton Rd. Milton, Florida 32583-7914

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