Over sentencing Abuse! By Nydeed Nashaddai !

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

This Petition for Commutation of Sentence, I was arrested for cashing bad checks, while waiting for my Courtroom Appearance I submitted a petition in court and a judge signed it, & I was released from county jail. A few hours later, the Detective that had originally arrested me for the bad checks heard of my release and begin to investigate. The State's Prosecutor and the Detective had determined after a 2-hour investigation that I forged the judge’s signature while being-housed inside the county jail. I was re-arrested and trialed by a jury, which founded me guilty of leaving the county jail, but Not of Forging the Court's document. I’d admitted submitting the court document, but not signing it. Moreover, the judge had admitted it was his signature, but didn't recall signing it .(how convenient ) The detective and his Colleagues, the state's prosecutors the circuit court judge and the public defender / pretenders that represented me was all paraded in court to testify against me and they united to impose a 20 year prison term against me. Majority of prisoners with similar charges received 5 years prison term or less. After spending years in prison, I later discovered the state's prosecutor and leading investigating detective had fabricated and manufactured evidence against me to make my guilt look evident. Because of the elapse of years in the case and the nature of the circumstances there's no legal option available for my claims to be heard in court. I’m hoping for a Commute of sentence by submitting this petition on-line and a call for community support. it's for this reason I’m writing you and asking for your assistance. I want to bring Attention to my case Yes, I was guilty of writing bad checks but how could I forge the Judge signature that is unheard off especially when you just got arrested and came in to the jail.


Taylor C.I

Current Release date :2030

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