Overcoming Reprisal - by Brian Glick

Updated: Jun 30, 2019

These last couple months have been a real challenge, but it looks like I am finally able to put all that confusion behind me. After spending April in the box for a bogus DR, I was ultimately vindicated when my appeal was approved by the warden and the DR was expunged from my record. The same classification officer who had initially found me guilty, however, decided to assign me to the kitchen after I was released from confinement.

That job assignment involves working 50+ hours a week of grueling work, meaning I had very little time to do any legal writing or research. My entire life was again put on hold as I focused all my attention to overcoming this new obstacle. I sought relief from classification and medical, while also fully exercising my First Amendment right to file grievances against every unsanitary or unsafe condition I observed while in the kitchen.

I endured constant harassment in return, culminating in another attempt to have me put back into confinement. The captain on duty that day blocked that attempt and took the handcuffs off instead. I was removed from the active kitchen roster, and now a week later I still have not received any type of disciplinary action.

I am also now on the ICT call out (institutional classification team) tomorrow for a job change, so I am officially out of the kitchen! Regardless of what new job assignment I receive, I will be able to visit the law library on a much more frequent basis, allowing me to resume work on putting my life back on track and finding my way home. This ordeal has taught me a lot, but most of all it has proven that with equal measures of Faith and determination, any obstacle can be overcome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Brian Glick is serving a natural life sentence for 2nd degree murder. He is certified by the Florida Dept. of Corrections as an inmate law clerk and has been active in prison litigation for over ten years. He can be contacted via email at using ID # R45761.

Brian Glick #R45761

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