I remember this old saying that said, "It takes money to make money."

As I rest in my stationary bunk that's bolted to the floor with 3ft of space from the next bunk, I ran figures through my head starting with $2.6 billion annually spending for prison operations.

And then I thought about the amount of money being made within the prison systems throughout the United States under contract schemes with their mark up price hiring methods that's legal to do since its under a penal system incorporated schemes.

But this is the advantage you have when you're the only store in town!

[ Prison Compound ]

But if you had the same items in your own neighborhood store, and raised the prices out the roof every six months like they do in D.O.C., I'm certain law enforcement would be paying you a visit with a state attorney with an arrest warrant!

But since I understand the old African Proverb that say's, "He who makes the laws, sets the traps."

Then we'll have to understand that the game is bigger than the small players!

When the crack cocaine epidemic hit the United States every politician that ran for office used the tough on crime for their slogan, and I must agree that, this drug was the beast of all drugs that had hit the face of America. It tore through families, and disrupted beautiful jobs individuals had for years that were good jobs.

But the politicians rode the waves that was guaranteeing their shot for victory in politics, and it was all about lengthy sentencing criminals, and it worked!

Usually when tough sentencing schemes go into effect it will take 10 to 20 years before it really starts multiplying the population numbers, and unless legislation stops the bleeding, it would increase almost over night.

And before you know it the budget of operations is out the roof, with no solutions in place to stop the growth or the budget from rising as we now see it in 2020 at $2.6 billion annually.

Now our governmental officials need to become problem solvers to reduce the prison population, but due to their political views in Florida, they can't even agree on reasonable bills for reform. Because they keep trying to smoke screen the public with this (bs) called public safety that the police and state attorney officials are using for job security, and future schemes for career moves to be used as steeping stones to go to the next level for bigger paying opportunities and positions.

They know reform is needed, and they know it works, but to reduce the prison population may [ interfere ] with a great portion of their investment schemes that their political endorsers are operating under contract with enormous kick backs for the D.O.C's.

Clearly, with the proper reform approach, and programs they know that a great portion of inmates will never return back into the system at least from the violent side of the fence that had lengthy sentences! This is why they have no problems about releasing the nonviolent, because they depend on their return back into the system in a three year span or faster!

If you don't believe me let's test this theory of thinking with real proof

[ nonviolent vs. violent ].

Data from the Stanford Criminal Justice Center say's, "recidivism among life-sentenced prisoners who are granted parole is low, however, calling into question the accuracy of public safety arguments, in support of lengthy terms of imprisonment. A 2004 analysis by the Sentencing Project found that individuals released from life sentences were less than one-third as likely to be rearrested within three years as all released persons. More recently, a 2011 California based study tracked 860 people convicted of homicide, and sentenced to life, all of whom were paroled beginning in 1995. Longitudinal analysis of their outcomes finds that in the years since their release, only five individuals, less than 1% have been returned to prison or jail because of new felonies."

Need I go any further, than the supported data, and statistics that has put valuable time and research to give accurate information to discredit this public safety (bs) that has been a tool of political and public manipulation for years.

Reform has to start now unless its just noise being made in Florida, because other states are making progress. Why here in Florida all we see is political parties playing games with the proposals of the concerned citizens and voters.

I understand that public safety is vital in society, but it should no longer be used as an manipulation tool for deception to fool the citizens of the state or the country.

With these type of unethical, and unprofessional methods of practices being used on the citizens of our states and country, how can we trust our system of justice, and overseers within our states and communities that are in position of leadership.

The voters, and the citizens of our states, and the country demand more transparency of facts, truth, honesty and integrity in our leadership.

This country, nor the State of Florida can experience greatness in leadership if they practice manipulation tactics, and methods of deception on the individuals that have put them in these elected positions by voting.

Maybe its time that the citizens of the states, and the country start moving towards movements at the polls to make constitutional guaranteed laws that will by pass the elected officials political party opinions to show them that the people run the government.

We must demand that the government listen to the people or the people must take other measures to get their point of concern into law with citizens movements that will dictate what the citizens want.

The citizens of our state are no longer interested in false propaganda public safety schemes, we want transparency that's developed by data, research, and studies as the Stanford Criminal Justice Center with proof!

By Luc Charles

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