PRESS CONFERENCE TO BE HELD TO REINSTATE 65% (BY: MELVIN PEREZ). A press conference will be held by Rep.Hart on Tuesday, October 15th 2019, at 2:15 p.m. at the Capitol on the 4th floor in the Rotunda, 402 S. Monroe Street, Tallahassee FL. The purpose of this conference is to reinstate the 65%, which will be (HB189). The purpose of this article is to ask you to support our efforts to pass this bill. The person sponsoring this event is Denise Rock, Executive Director for Florida Cares Charity Corp. A nonprofit that advocates to improve the lives of the incarcerated. Our goal is to, at least, find 500 people to fill the capitol to show our support for this bill. And we need your help to make this a reality. Considering the number of incarcerated people in Florida, 500 people is a reasonable goal. But we hope to exceed that number. By showing up at this conference we will show the media and legislators that we are willing to support the passing of this bill. Now that we have people in power that are willing to support the 65%, we must show our support for Ms. Hart and Ms. Rock, who are pushing this bill. You can support this effort by: 1) Showing up at the Press Conference, 2) By posting this article in other places that support prisoners' rights, 3) You can share this with your friends and interested people, 4) You can tell others about the Conference. For more information you can call Denise Rock at (561) 855- 0833 or find Florida Cares Charity Corp online. Now is the time to act. Everyone has been hearing about the 65%. Well, now it is time to push for it. To show support and pass the word. We count on you to make this happen. Let's all support Rep. Hart and Denise Rock in this effort. Equally important, for anyone writing legislators, Ms. Rock suggests that if you are writing any legislator who supports us like Hart, Bracy, Brandes, Rouson, etc., please keep it to just a thank you note. Do not ask for anything back or write anything long. Why? Because they are fighting for us with everything they got. As such, they know what is going on in FDOC. Ms. Rock also suggests that the way everyone can help is by writing legislators who do not yet understand why reform is so important. One example, Ms. Rock provided is to "share your story with them, share how broken the system is, how legislators have stripped FDOC of so much money that the place cannot function." The legislators to focus hard on who have not changed are Sen. Chris Sprowls, Sen. James W. Grant and Rep. Paul Runner.Last, Ms. Rock suggests to "Make sure you have people on the outside writing them to say they are not going to vote for them until they start making changes to criminal justice laws." END NOTE: Every big victory or change started with one small step. Today we ask you to take that small step. That step can be as small as telling others about the Conference. It could be to post or share this with others, but please do not let that step be not doing nothing about it. If you care about anyone on the inside take one small step to support. Without you we can do nothing, but together we can make a small dream a reality. Do your part today. I want to thank everyone that supports prisoners's rights. We will keep you updated on any new development. Best wishes to all.

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