Prison Broke My Chains! By Roy Borges

For thirty years l have been worshiping Jesus from behind prison fences and He has always been there for me. He has never let me down. So why am l still in prison, you may wonder? He has a plan for my life. He can take prison and turn it into something for my good. He takes what was meant for bad and turns it into something good. He did it for many people in the Bible and He can do it for me and for you. In His time He will open the doors and let me out to do His will. l am confident that He knows what is best for me. For when l looks back l can see why prison turned out for my good. l can see how God used prison to take Joseph from the dungeon to the palace. God used prison to make me into a person that wanted to honor Him in all his ways. God gave me the gift of writing behind these fences so that l could write about the things He was teaching me and bring glory to His name. l never dreamed that l would write about these unbelievable experiences that l had behind prison fences. God used this gift He gave me so that l could show the world how to honor and bring glory to Him. They benefited others and helped them to grow closer to Him. He gave them the strength to change into the kind of person He wants them to be. A person who can grow to become like His Son Jesus is a person who God can use for His glory. In prison l came to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. lt was the most important thing l had ever done in my life. lt gave me eternal life and that alone made my stay in prison more valuable than anything l could have imagined. Then l began writing stories about the things He was teaching me. These experiences taught me to trust Him for the answers and for the future. When l acknowledged Him in all my ways, He directed my path. When God directs your path, nothing goes wrong. For He is the way, the truth, and the life. Prison made me realize how much l needed Him. l could not ignore Him anymore. l knew God was there watching me. The problem was l did not really trust Him. l believed He existed, but l did not really know Him. When l began to read the Bible. His Word began to show me God and to understand Him. One of the first things l discovered was how much He hates sin, but He loves the sinner. He loves me so much He gave His only Son to die on a cross for my sins. He paid the price for the debt that l owed. God, however, though He forgives my sins He wants me to forsake them. He wants me to resist the temptation. He hates my sin because He knows what sin it separates me from His love. So, l had to stop doing the things that l knew God did not want me to do. He was ready to help me to resist sins, but l had to trust Him and acknowledge Him in all my ways. It was hard to do because the things in life that He values do not come easy. Sin was something that came easy for me. My struggles between God's love for me and my love for sins was a fight l could not win on my own strength. l needed God's help. The problem was my selfish desires were more important to me then God's love for me. It was the reason God had to let me go to prison where He would teach me many lessons. Foremost l learned that He knew what was best for me and that His love for me was greater than my love for my sins. Prison was one of those places where God taught me His love for me never changed. He promises to never change. He promises to never forsake me. No matter how many times l fails Him. God never gave up on me. He was always there to pick me up and encourage to start again. When l began to do the things that God wanted me to do my life changed dramatically. One of the things l learned was before l did anything l should pray for God's guidance and help. l never did anything of my own volition. Everything that l did l checked with God first before l did it. He directed my path and l knew nothing could go wrong. Soon l realized know matter what happened that God would be there for me. l did not have to understand what was going on l only had to know that God was in control and that He would see me through it. When l began to trust Him completely everything l did began to change for my good. l could accomplish things l never thought possible. With God at my side the impossible became possible. He. changed me and l became the person He wanted me to be. A person He could use to accomplish His will. My life began to have meant and purpose. What God wanted became more important than anything in my life.

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