Railroaded by the System !

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I'm 32 years old about to be 33 on 07/10. I’m doing a life sentence for attempted murder with a weapon, the victim accused me, and another person came to his house and said I shot him then stabbed him. He furthermore changed his story during his deposition stating I shot him in the back of the head, first it was in the head and back making it impossible for me to do the shooting. the victim further stated that the unknown black male never came in his residence. after the shooting the victim said I came in and stabbed him .I went to trial to expose my innocence and was found not guilty for the shooting , but guilty for the stabbing, and was sentenced to life in prison. do to the fact of my ignorance in the law and the lying law-clerks I have a rough time now getting my case heard in the court room . the unknown black male who did the shooting is running free because it was never investigated or looked upon. being that I don't have the money to pay the lawyer the amount he is requiring of me I’m stuck in prison. I was obviously railroaded by the prison system. who then did the shooting? since I was found innocent of the shooting .if I would have been found guilty on both acts then double jeopardy would have applied but since I was acquitted of count 1, double jeopardy does not apply .This was never instructed to the jury ,I was offered 25 years for a hate crime I didn't do and I’m going on 11 1/2 years which 8 more. I would be out but I refuse to give my life away .I’m praying my story will touch someone heart to expose the truth facts no lies .I’m praying someone will open the door for me and take time to read my case, and see it was impossible for me to commit this act. as I share my story I pray that God allows the doors to open and my cry's will be heard and that I will get a chance to see my mother again and the opportunity to have my life back

Allen Robert Willich

Florida State Prison

Current Release Date :LIFE

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