Redemption : Dusty Bowman


So much Pain beyond repair, the mental scar’s forever there.

The torment of a dysfunctional life, at the hands of my mother’s strife.

So, I turned to drugs at a young age, forgiveness I know not, only torturous rage.

From Marijuana to Cocaine, then PCP and Methamphetamine. The more I used

It lessoned the Pain, numbed my memory so I could at times be half sane.

It got to the point of being unconscious in thought yet, wide awake.

The misery I prayed the Lord to take.

Methamphetamine was my demise, my conscience unaware, I did things I despise.

Haunting my every waking moment of each passing day, the thought of it all never goes away.

Many a night, I beg God to take my last breath, in exchanged for my Victim’s memory to be erased

Of my evil drowning in meth.

I pray for them and they’re loved ones many times a day, I pray God’s Peace be unto to them in a much compassionate way.

I catch myself asking Jesus why He gave up His Life for me, such a wretched sinner, I’m ashamed for Him to see.

Then I looked at the sinner’s whom died at His side, then a glimpse of repentance I couldn’t deny.

Many in this world may hate me and some seek my life. God, please not hold them accountable on

Behalf of my sinful strife.

Forgive them Father, they know not what they do, my wish is for them to know you!

I know firsthand I’m cleansed Through His blood, as I repent my sin’s like a raging flood.

For Redemption I have Found, for me, He laid His life down.

John 3:16 say’s it all, My Lord and Savior took the Fall, for redemption was Called.

In Christ

Dusty Bowman #130457

Dade C.I

1900 S.W. 377 ST


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