The following is an accounting and perfect example of just one of the many obstacles I had to overcome in the Florida prison system. Its commonly known as The FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, however if an inmate is sentenced to "LIFE" then many (if not all) education/vocational academic programs are not available. I have provided copies of the paper trail (of this incident) so you can see for yourself, my intent in saving these documents was for someday ( in the future)I would sue the prison system for throwing all "LIFER" inmates away (like trash) for no other reason than being sentenced to life. This is a direct 14th amendment constitutional violation...

The year was early 2000 I was finally working my way close to home; I was at Gulf C.I. (main unit). I had been incarcerated for Ten years and I was at a point in my life where I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired, there was only so much underlying "stuff" I could get into and by then I had done all that and gotten tired of it. One particular morning I woke up and looking in the mirror in my prison cell, I realized that street sense is not the way I wanted to live my life, so looking deep in the mirror, I came to terms with the fact that I was an illiterate/degenerate and I promised myself I WILL make a change. I set out that very day on a positive note, I told all the "guys" I was in association with that I was going to get my GED, and was offended at them for laughing at me, little did I know that a few of them had already attempted to get there's only to be told "NO”, so I get an inmate request form and send it to the education director,,( i never heard back from education)however, I even went to the middle gate area in hopes to see the teacher and explain to him/her how I really wanted my education, I finally realized that the start/key to changing my life was to get my education, although, while I was standing there at the center gate I saw that the vast majority of inmates who were attending school were inmates from Spanish speaking countries and all had five years or less, I listened to them as they were laughing at how they were getting the "American education" while awaiting extradition back to their native country. As I look back on that day, I believe it was the day I made it a point that I was going to get "MINE" no matter what it took!! I remained at Gulf C.I. until 2009(7 years) when I was moved/transferred to Walton C.I. I wanted to be close to my mother because she was sick and close to death.

In 2014,I sent an inmate request to the education department (at Walton C.I.) when I got it back I was at first shocked, then upset( see Attachment #1) I was told I had "too much time”, how could anyone have" too much time" to better myself? OK, I have a life sentence, so does having a life sentence make me garbage, not worth redemption? I let my frustration get the best of me and I got in trouble and wound up in confinement/lockup. My hopes were again setback. However, after release from confinement, I had a dorm supervisor (Sgt.J.Cofield) who encouraged me to keep trying, he in turn made some phone calls and I was asked to join an inmate Gavel Club,(Phoenix Gavel Club) at that time had a severe problem, when I talked I would stutter and when an inmate laughed at me I would be on my way back to confinement, however, the Phoenix Gavel Club and its members taught me to overcome this problem, I will forever hold this as the start of my(prison) education, I went on to be there Sgt.-At-Arms and Vice President Of Education. I look back on the irony of it now and I smile because here I was the Vice President of Education and I had no formal (GED) education. Although what I didn't tell you was even though the Florida prison system REFUSED me an opportunity to get a GED my family believed in me and I enrolled in numerous (correspondence) college classes in California, I threw my everything into these courses, sometimes staying up for days, pushing/studying/striving. The college never asked me if I had a GED and I learned from the Florida judicial system not to volunteer anything not asked for. So by the time I was Vice President of the inmate Gavel club at Walton I had TWO College Degrees, a "DOCTORATE DEGREE IN METAPHYSICS" [ see: Parole Portfolio Attachment #02 (2006)] and a "DOCTORATE DEGREE IN PHILOSOPHY"[ see: parole portfolio attachment #4(2008)]..Three years after being at Walton my mother passed away, I now had nothing keeping me there, and after five years at Walton C.I. I was given an unwanted (security) transfer to JACKSON C.I. [ There is an rule listed under what is called FLORIDA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE CHAPTER 33 that governs all inmates, one particular rule says that no inmate will be allowed to be at any one prison for more than five years because the inmate will become too familiar with the security staff ] Thus I was sent to JACKSON C.I.(2015) right after getting there I was summoned to speak with the Assistant Warden of Programs, he wanted to start an inmate Gavel Club, of course I agreed to help, a few months later, I again submitted an inmate request to the education department, requesting enrollment in education, not just for my G.E.D. but for the upcoming parole hearing in 2015 I needed my G.E.D to submit to this parole commission, as you can see by Attachment#2, the response was not favorable..2017 found me back at Gulf C.I. main unit, so I grabbed an inmate request, see: Attachment #03,this time I was told flat out "Denied”, I still wouldn't let that get me down so I started attending all the "chapel" classes I could and the next thing I knew I was "SAVED" I gave my life to Christ and shortly thereafter, I became a chapel facilitator, this went on for a few years until hurricane Michael came ashore and all but destroyed Gulf C.l. (with us in it),as soon as a road was cut into the prison all 1000 + inmates were relocated. In the middle of the night, almost 1000 men went to Mayo C.I. I was in that group, where once there and settled in l again sent a request to education to enroll, to my surprise I was placed in education, where I attended for a whole thirty(30) days until it was discovered that I had a life sentence, and I was kicked-out, BUT I was ready this time because as soon as I was admitted into school I did all the research on the how/why of enrollment. As inmates we are told "hey, the rules are the rules, I don't make them I only follow them" this time I knew and had the rules on my side, no sooner had I bottom back to my assigned housing dorm than I sent three requests out, the first went to my classification officer ATTACHMENT #04 he basically gave me an excuse that indirectly said " leave me out of if”. The second one went to the Assistant Warden of Programs see ATTACHMENT #05 Mrs. Hill sent it back to the education director and told him to re-review my enrollment and send her the results and she would forward my requested enrollment on to Tallahassee, see: ATTACHMENT 05-2,as you can see by ATTACHMENT #06 Mrs. Hill did just that, and I was approved to go back in education...Finally I am back in education, however the education department is now under a private company ( Pearson-view)and they are transitioning to a laptop computer (Chromebook) from the old desktop model, this in turn allows me extra time to get ready for my TABE test, in five months after entering the school for second time I take my TABE test, see ATTACHMENT #07,I was warned that in July the standard of education was again raised and the NEW TABE test was equivalent to a college level entry exam, I take the test in August and then again in November I retake the math part because even though I passed the math TABE I had to pass with an advanced average and my math was passed on a difficult level, I was pleased with myself just to be in education so I waited three months retook my math table and scored the "A" level I needed. It has now come down to the "BIG" day less than one month later ( and ten -or-so months later) I finally get my chance, I take my GED test in a two day increment ~December 12 and 13,being that the last day of testing was on a Friday we students were allowed to wait in a classroom for the results, within an hour each student was called out one by one each in alphabetical order, but when it came my turn to be called out being my last name started with a "B" I was skipped, you can imagine the thoughts of failure I was having, finally being the last one in the room and no one else to call I am escorted into the main office and told that not only did I pass my GED,(see: ATTACHMENT #08)but I scored very high in the Percentile Rank,(see: ATTACHMENT #09)I was handed a copy of "My Diploma “I could only stand there looking at a small dream come true, so I thanked them and went back to my dorm with my copy, The following Sunday I sent a final inmate request to the Assistant Warden of Programs thanking her for her help in allowing me the opportunity to achieve my GED (see: ATTACHMENT #11) finally a week later I received a notice that for getting my GED I was awarded sixty (60) days gain time, but my release date still remains "LIFE" (see: ATTACHMENT #10).. Dear friends and Readers, this is just one of the many battles that inmates in the Florida "CORRECTIONAL" system, like myself deal with on a daily basis, especially when we are sentenced to "LIFE”. Each and every day it gets harder and harder to carry on, I have so many of these men come into the prison system wanting and trying to do the right thing only to have door after door slammed in there face, after trying over and over and getting told no many of these young men just stop trying, they actually give up on life, it tears the very fabric of ones soul to look into the eyes of a man who has just given up, then you can only watch as they start getting into the drugs to escape the day to day life of nothing, as the need for more drugs gets harder to fight to fight these many men lie to their own mothers to get more money for their drug addiction. Please don't misunderstand me this issue of "NO" is not just one color or ethnic this applies to all "lifers”, the prison system doesn't discriminate if someone is sentenced to life this person/now inmate, must be afforded something of hope, if not the drug addiction will continue to rise as will prison violence, because what do you think happens when an inmate runs up a drug bill? at that very institution he will and can seek protective management, then he will be transferred to another prison where his debt will follow him, eventually he will come face to face with someone who is there to collects, I have seen this so many times, and I will be the first to stand and say PLEASE HELP US LIFERS ! thank you for your time and may God bless you, George Broxson #219555

Tomoka C.I.

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