Retaliation Complaint !

Retaliation from a Grievance Report:

Retaliation F.A.C.CH 33-103.011(1).

this situation manifest out of grievance Report as will be outlined here in, transpired between Co.1 C.Trainer ( CTC11), J.R. HILL (HJR68) CO1, CO1 VAN-METER, ASST.WARDEN FRAN WOOD , COLONEL R. MERCADO .

The Retaliation started out of a grievance I filed on January 27,2019 on CO1 C TRAINER log # (1901-211-078) by me filling this grievance it led the February 22, 2019 incident.

on February 21, 2019 other inmates in the dorm heard officer Vanmetter state we got a WRIT-WRITER (FRAZIER) in the dorm need to go, Frazier at the time was the only full-fledged writ-writer A.K.A. (JAIL HOUSE LAWYER) In Echo-Dorm at Cross -City C.I.

However, Vanmeter, Broke or tried to break the connection by using the February 22,2019, shift officer Trainer and officer Hell. on January 27, 2019 Frazier wrote the Reprisal Grievance (1901-211-078) cause CO1 Trainer had used GT. Stuart to lock another black inmate up (Thomas Jordan) I put in the grievance Log (1901-211-078) how officers

(A) Plan Dope on Inmates

(B) Plant weapons on inmates

(C) Use other officers to retaliate on inmates

(D) try to break the connection by using other inmates to do their dirty work.

Since the time I filled the retaliation Grievance-on Trainer he has been laying in ambush to get me. Then on Feb 22, 2019 between 6:00 am and 6:40 am me and two (2) other black inmates in the day-room was communicating verbally among ourselves. When CO1 J.R HELL came by doing wing check and heard us and tried to get into the conversation and I told him I’m not talking to you I’m talking to my fellow inmates. Mr. hell was upset that I said that and states that I don't have to be an asshole, I told him that I don't talk to the police. after that I went to get legal -mail went by the barbershop. when I came back to the Echo-Dorm 3106 me and my roommate Harris saw, CO1 TRAINER & CO1 HILL was in our cell trashing and tearing up our cell. when the officers went in our room neither I Frazier or Harris my roommate was in there by the time I got to my room door the Officer Trainer put me in handcuffs stated there was a ( POWDERY WHITE SUBSTANCE) in my Frazier Locker and charged me with a (3-3) Possession of Narcotics. Co1 Trainer in retaliation planted drugs on me and had another officer assist in the coworker to coworker retaliation, this is exactly what they

did Officer Hill and Trainer. Then when Sgt, Suro was bringing me to confinement He-called CO1 WALDECK , Cause He was supposed to test it to see what kind of drugs it was , CO1 Waldeck told SGT. Suro it look like (MOLLY OR METH) so Sgt.Suro states how do you know what it is just by looking at it? CO1 Waldeck states that I have a bunch of it in my office, making it easy for officer HILL & TRAINER to get this (untested substance) from Mr. Waldeck and plant it in my cell like they did. to lie on me and falsely report document or DR'S on me like they are doing.


1. They never tested the substance to see or prove if it was drugs.

2. They never tested Frazier to see if he had the drugs in his system

3. They then gave me Frazier a Retaliatory Transfer away from Cross city C.I. to Tomoka C.I. to keep from punishing the officer's and make it look like Frazier was guilty.

4. But they came back and overturned-the DR report (211-190169 0, which proved that their allegations is all lies.

Additional Summary

1. on Feb 22,2019 the white powdery substance they locked me up for was not tested.

2. on Feb 25, 2019 the day the DR was served to Frazier drugs not tested.

3. on Feb 28, 2019 the day the DR team found me guilty and sentenced me to disciplinary confinement for (60) days the drugs were not tested.

4. on March 6, 2019 the DR. was overturned

Frazier have established that this whole ordeal was done out of retaliation.

1. grievance log (1901-211-078)

2. Dr. Report 9211-190169)

3.Dr. Team Findings (211-190169)

4. Grievance log (1903-211-015)

5. informal Grievance (211-1902-0193)

6. informal grievance (211-1902-0194)

these grievances not only prove the retaliation but also prove that Ii was transferred from Cross City C.I. to Tomoka C.I., On Feb 27, 2019 A complaint

Case no: 2019-czv/crim800 to the following agencies about C.Trainer and Staff.

1. FDOC secretary Mark inch = no response

2.FDLC No Response = No response

3. Governor Office = No Response

4. F.B.I (WASH DC) = No Response

5. United State Attorney General = No Response

On May 5, 2019 I sent an Affidavit of Complaint to the Following Agencies About C. Trainer and Coworkers.

1.Clerk of Court (Fed Court Ft. Lauderdale) = No Response

2.Clerk of Court (Fed Court Miami) = No response

3. Clerk of Court (Fed court Jacksonville) = No Response

4. FDLC = No Response

5. Governor Office = No Response

on April 5, 2019 I sent A Complaint case no. 2019-CIV-4869 To the Following Agencies about C. Trainer and Coworkers.

1. FDLE (Jacksonville) =No Response

2. FDLE (Pensacola) = No Response

3. FDLE (Tallahasse) = No Response

On April 5, 2019 I sent An Affidavit of Complaint to the following agencies about C.Trainer and Staff .

1. U.S. Marshal (Miami) =No Response

2. FBI (North Miami) = No Response

3. FDLE (Orlando)= No Response

4. FDLE (Tampa) = No Response

Because I have no one on the outside to help me is Most likely the Reason I have No response ..

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