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My story!

I am 37 years old, single/divorced one child – a boy 4 years old. From Elizabethtown, Ky, I am a drug addict/ recovering a thief, liar, cheat, adulterer, and sinner. not trying to scare you off just being honest hope that is ok I was born into a poor, abusive drug addiction home. I am a middle child my father was a biker who did it all, my mother used with him as well. Growing up I was picked on, having a lazy eye, plus hand me down clothes, kids always picked on me. It started when I was in kindergarten at school I never fit in, I learned how to fight early on in life. I learned how to steal at the stores to get food, clothes, cigarettes earlier in life, I was smoking cigarettes by the age of 8yrs old. My parents abused us mentally and physically as children, not to long after they found A.A. also N.A program. But I was 9 yrs. old and it was too late for me I knew how to do everything by then and since the seeds where planted I ran with it. My parents where changing to be better, while I was leading to a path of destruction. By 11 yrs. old we moved to Radcliff, ky. I started into a school that was 85% black, 10%mexican & 5% white. I had long hair, wore heavy metal shirts and holey jeans. My first week I was in a fight that got like 30 of us suspended. (me against 29 others) I became popular by being the class clown, and troublemaker. After a half year they put me in a special class for bad kids. It was a class of 10 of us we where the worst in the school. The situation only pushed me farther into the lifestyle, by 6th grade I was selling pot in school, skipping and doing whatever I liked. At the moment my parents where trying to help me, programs, medications all kind of stuff but it didn’t help. By the time I was 15yrs old the department of children and families have moved me into my grandmother’s home, because me and my father had a physical fight. A year later she passed away and I was placed in foster care for a month. my social worker gives me a choice to go back to my parents, with the stipulation to get my GED by 16yr. I agreed after a month of getting my GED my father got me a job at the waffle house, I come to find out my dad had relapsed with the people I was working with at the waffle house. For the next 2 yrs. me and him used together while lying to my mom about it. I ran drugs in 6 counties and 3 different state. it was really bad but it was what I understood life to be. At 18yrs old I went to jail for 60 days for possession of weed, by then my dad was trying to clean up and get right with my mom. I kept spiraling down the wrong path by 12/07/2001 I got locked up for stolen cars, guns, property, drugs, and breaking an entering. I spent 18 months in jail before being sentenced to 13 yrs., I went to prison by 21 and that sentence was a big wake up call for me. My parents had moved to Florida by 2001, when they locked me up I had a D.V. O against me, by my parents for pulling a gun on them. So being in prison and knowing I had no where to turn to was a tuff time I felt I had nothing to live for. so, I tried to commit suicide I ate 3 ½ 8 balls of methamphetamines, its potency was 20 times stronger then what they offer today. It stopped my heart and I died I woke up out of a coma 4 days later in a hospital chained to the bed. I weighed 118-pound skin & bones I felt like my life was over, 21 yrs. old facing 120 years in prison no family I had nothing left. Then after a few months in jail and guy asked me to go to church with him. I did, and it changed my life, the guy who came to preach that night was also a recovering addict. He talked about turning my life over to God and how He can change you and even though the room was fool of men I felt like he was talking to me. I got up and devoted my self to God I did the sinner’s prayer, I cried forever it felt and afterword’s I felt so damn Good. I was being a wuss in front of all this harden criminals, but I didn’t care, everything was being lifted over my shoulder’s. even though change didn’t come over night, little by little I started changing. I found a A/A to help with my problems and God put His hand on me. I read the bible and learned things I never knew, I learned how to love my self and to not use drugs with God’s help and love my life started changing for the better even in prison. I made parole in February 2006 and went to a half way house. Got a job at waffle house met a woman and we got married , she smoked weed and I stayed straight them old ways crept in my mind .I said if I grow it , we could save money in July of 2006 I got caught and sent to prison for violation in September 2006 I escaped prison for 4 days . Blackburn Correctional Complex I received 10 more years to my 13 years to have a total of 23 years. I made parole in February 2010 and moved to Florida with my parents. So I started over in Florida got into a A/A and I learned how to live and they gave me a support group to help me ,without them I do not know if I could have made it .through that program I met a lady who later on became like my sister she was dying of kidney failure, I offered her my kidney and within 10 months of being released from prison I was able to donate my right kidney to her it saved her life . she goes to county jails to do meetings to save people like me, it was my way to give back. God used me to save her, to let her save others too. I finished my parole last year 04/2017 while being in jail on these drug charges I had relapsed after 16 years. It’s a struggle but I am happy to be here alive, sober and changing to come home to my parents also ready to rebuild a friendship with the mother of my child, so I can be a better father to him. I am a broken-down man, drug addict, thief, all those bad things but with God I am a different man who can achieve.

Samuel Hubley #D36392

Taylor C.I

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