Slave Management " The Willie Lynch Curse"

Men of color are suffering throughout the world because of curses directed against them or their ancestral bloodlines . Many Christian men and woman of color do not know how to fight the power of these curses, or how these curses invaded their lives . We can inherit curses in our bloodline from our ancestors . A curse can come in as far back as ten generations : ONE OF ILLEGITIMATE BIRTH SHALL NOT ENTER THE CONGREGATION OF THE LORD ; EVEN TO THE TENTH GENERATION NONE OF HIS DESCENDANTS SHALL ENTER THE CONGREGATION OF THE LORD." DEUTERONOMY 23:20

In this brief teaching I will cover particular curse that was invoked by William Willie Lynch. This individual was used by satan to develop generational curses that was pronounced upon the entire community of enslaved Africans in America . William Willie Lynch was British slave owner the West Indies . He came to the U.S. in 1712 to teach American slave owners how to control their slaves. He promised, when properly implemented, his methods would control slaves in America for 300 years. "In my bag here, I have a "fool proof" for controlling your blacks slaves . I guarantee every one of you that , if installed correctly, it will control the slaves for at least (300) hundred years ."Quote by Willie Lynch .

William Lynch was a white slave owner, who reportedly made a speech on the banks of the James River in 1712. In this speech, Lynch spoke of having methods to control slaves . These methods could have only come from satan Himself. Lynch used fear ,distrust, envy, beating's and even went as far as murdering males in front of the women and children for controlling the minds of the slaves . Lynch's list of vulnerabilities for slaves included color of skin shade , age , intelligence ,size , sex , size of plantation , where they lived on the plantation , and of course hair texture .He went on to say that the slave , after receiving this indoctrination, should carry on and would become self re-fueling and self generating for hundreds of years , maybe even thousands . He told them that by killing the protective male image it would throw the females into a frozen phycological state of independency, which would result in her raising her offspring into reverse position .The female offspring would be taught to be like herself , independent and weak . He said that the owners were to cause the young men , old men and the females to distrust each other but to make the slaves trust and depend on the owners and their families . Lynch wrote the a book called "Let's make a slave " In this book Lynch outlined the methods that he had used to control the slaves he owned . he also told the people to have their white servants and their overseer's distrust all Blacks.I purposely left out the graphic details of sexual abuse of the African Women and genocide of the race .


I wanted to show our community by this things Curses that where placed on us how much we resemble that now in our future .If we don't see that we have fallen into this curse and see that probably we can help ourselves and change it ..

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