Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Here's a hard lesson you learn easy in Life .That real Nicca love doesn't know anger .It only knows disappointment looking at life from that angle which evolves around loyalty make a nicca think in context like that , because it allows you to journey to a level of awareness you may not have realized existed . it's all psychological you think you put into a friendship or a Brotherhood and what you wish to receive out of it . The least of those expectations is abandonment. This is the kind of stuff that separates the men from the boys . Bring behind this door can enable a nigga to look beyond the surface and deeper into a person soul , being behind this door exposes a nicca to newer things and understanding : at times you always find yourself imagining the shoe being on the other foot and analyzing your situation from the outside looking in .In the end though a nicca realize that as a real nicca you can't put in certain positions . Meaning that your imagination can't group a hold of certain situations because although you may understand something in reality . why? it's simple nicca . Can a real nicca identify in anyway with a sucker ? Don't mis-interpret the concept because a person aint necessarily a sucker because he lacks understanding . I'm simply using the sucker angle as an illustration . no one ever returns the presentiment and you can't expect that everybody according to their own proclamation will live up to the standards we have for ourselves ." it is what it is though ." you smell me ? on the upside though , it was niccas like you that taught me stuff like what I was just saying . I appreciate it , sincerely I really , really , really appreciate it .Ya'll make me realize that He's fortunate enough to not . unwittingly place himself in ya'll compromising position . One is not disloyal to other but rather One is disloyal to oneself!!! I will never compromise my status quit like that . forever I will remain a solid dude.. The moment a nicca starts allowing the actions of other nicca to dictate my moves ..

By: Cedrial Johnson

Miami Dade County

Release date : 06/06/2033

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