Spoken Word!

Spoken Word

A poem I wrote to my sister.

Sister of mine sweet sister of mine, a bond of a kind a love truly divine

oh, how I cherish the beautiful of your mind, I search the depths of my soul

to find words to express my appreciation for your commitment and time. Your

Faith, Hope, Patience & Devotion has truly been mine, through my brokenness

and strife you have never looked back always having my back.

Sister of mind, beautiful sister of mine, your bond is one of a kind, your love is truly

divine crafted by the hands of God. to describe your worth during my time is to say,

I been blessed to have you by my side. Your loyalty, dedication, motivation through

these times has only showed me that love is still alive. not only are you my sister but a Best Friend indeed

Your loyalty has proven to me that there is hope still indeed. Supernatural has been your support you have never nagged me or left me alone. I want to thank you for all your love and support you are my sister and your actions has out weighted any word I can fathom at All .

Darius Wilson #E20161

Holmes Work Camp

Current Release : 03/2027

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