Stop the Injustice !!

Stop the injustice

Michael C. Maxwell is another victim of an unjust of crooked courts that is becoming another booming epidemic here in our American Society. Being just a teenager at the time, raised in a loving functional home by a responsible single Mother, they both became victims of the justice system they faithfully support. Young Maxwell was approached deceptively and coerced into a case he had nothing to do with, which lead into another false arrest and wrongful conviction that crushed a loving family that's not use to this kind of injustice. Law enforcement documentarily lied with tainted evidence and fabricated testimony to deceive the prosecutors, jury and media that I Michael committed Murder because he was in the area along with others at a gathering of friends & families.

The DNA and all other laboratory - forensic evidence came in documentarily proved his innocence %100 of Said Crimes. While I Michael was being held unconstitutional-for 4 1/2 years, before trial during that span the states prosecutors were running out of answers to find a way to prosecute me. finally, at last result, no eyewitness, or any-other evidence that could possibly connect me with the crime, state prosecutors paid an ex-cellmate that was a 15-time Convicted Felon and informant for the state. They used this informant to put on a lying show to deceive the jury to get a guilty verdict with no facts or factual evidence. I am Looking for Supporting Advocates to Support me Young Michael C. Maxwell needs any available help where a Lawyer would like to take care of his case Pro Bono Meaning : for the good of the people," and it refers to legal services performed free of charge or at reduced fees for the public good. If you ever had a family, friend or loved one or maybe your self has been a victim of this courtroom injustice. Please Remember Young Bro. Michael as one of your own and of the same struggle. PLEASE SHARE MY STORY

Michael C Maxwell #E61325

Union C.I

Current Release date :Life

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