Talk From The Cell Block !

My mission is to give a voice to those whose voices have been silenced.

In not so many words, I kind of stumbled in to this role, but I have to believe, that it's part of a bigger plan. i communicate with prisoners. I do not pass judgment on any of them, it's not my place to do so. I get a feel for their case, so I can give a narrative. When that is accomplished, I give them my phone number, so they can call me and tell their story. If there is an injustice to be heard, IT WILL BE.

My story is not as simple as I would have liked for it to be. I first started podcasting at the beginning of the year, with zero experience. I have a story to tell, and have always wanted to tell it. I lived a life in the "UNDERGROUND", and really didn't know anything more. That's not to say I didn't come from a loving family.

Our family went through some trying times, as if it wasn't bad enough with what I was bringing to the table. My nephew would get mixed up in the wrong crowd, like so many of us do, and found himself in the cross-hairs of an investigation that would land him in prison for life without parole. This  was when my entire family relied on GOD to see us through it all. My mom always stayed strong in the faith, and still is. My family would be better if we could all be like our mother. But this isn't where I turned it around. But the seed was planted.

Years after living a roller-coaster lifestyle, I have finally settled down, and that brings me to where I am today. PODCASTING. But I still hadn't reached my calling. After starting a podcast with 18 episodes in 5 weeks, I was building a following, and I could see it in the analytics. But I wasn't happy. After all, it was just my own story. I wanted to tell more chilling stories. The crimes that made good Psych thrillers. So I started to reach out to prisoners. Not just any prisoner, I started to reach out to prisoners that were condemned to life in prison. The ones that are perceived as society's worst nightmares. I Believed, that I could gain more people this way. Well, This is where my eyes truly opened.

I began to notice the stories had a too much familiarity. Many of the people I spoke to were all poor, uneducated, but of all ethnic backgrounds. Some more than others. I started to hear more often, that they too came from loving families, but that they had made bad decisions. Victims of the underground. Where I had been before. So I started resonating with them. Then I had another eye opener, when a person reached out to me, and asked if I could help get their loved one out. I didn't know how to. I took the case anyway, and only promised that I could only spread the word of their loved ones case, and shed a little light on on the "REAL" justice system. What I thought was only happening on t.v. or in the movies, but now confirms what happened to my nephew.

So now, I find myself advocating for those whose voices have been silenced. I do my due diligence, and if the case meets certain criteria (because not everyone is truly innocent), then I reach out to them, and find out their story through their eyes, I gather all the reports, I read all the appeals. I put together a profile, then I have the prisoner call me. And I turn it in to a podcast episode. I feature it on my FB page for about a week and a half, and I push it on other FB pages. I focus on getting it in to the prisoners home state, because that is where I hope that a lawyer will hear and listen to it and hopefully take interest. If god wants it to happen, it will happen. 


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