Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Flyguy- First In Jesus name bless you for sending me the Birthday card, I thank you for that you said you want to hear my story but a lot of people is one minded . they think everything the law say is the truth but in some cases it's not about the truth it's about who they can convict with the charge no matter if they did it or not , as long as they can get a conviction and that's how Lakeland county work . A lot of people say there innocent about the crimes they do and I learned that some of them aren't they just didn't have the right people behind them meaning money , lawyer and the justice system . Just like in my case I got charged with a sex charge that never even happen just a hear -say no evidence what so ever . See I was accused of touching my 11 year old cousin on her butt over her pants in which it never happened come to find out her nasty father had told her to say that because I had told my aunt that I had caught him cheating on my aunt with another woman .Me and Him got into it for that , my aunt was gonna leave him so he told my little cousin that I was the one that was causing her mother to break up with him . So he told her to tell the people at her school that I tried to touch her, so him and her mother could stay together .my cousin said that not knowing that it would cause me to get arrested even my aunt told the judge that I was never alone with my little cousin . but the lawyer the state provided could had won the case for me, but in reality since he works for the state here I am facing 10 years as a sex offender and I never touched my lil cousin ..You see I'm from New York this would have never happened to me had I been there without evidence, I came down to help my family out and that was in 2012and this is what I get but I still got Jesus Christ I got 4 yrs left to go and everything look good for me when I get out . If you need to know anything else you can call my Mother Mrs. .fuller (336-454-9646) she can give you more information .. (if you need to know more about this inmate and how you can assist in his overturn email us when will give you more information .. IT HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO OUR ATENTION THAT THE JUDGE & PROSECUTOR ON MY CASE WHERE FIRED FOR TAKING BRIBERY, WILL SEND INFORMATION ON THAT SOON..

Current Release date


Shabazz Williams

Florida State Prison

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