The Inside World !

Let me introduce yawl to my world That inside world the living graveyard.

Where we are living and breathing but dead to the outside world.

I want yawl to keep in mind that this the inside world as seen through the eye of a 'G'.

I know you guys are wondering why I call prison the inside world & the living graveyard,

for once we are another world inside the outside world. so that makes us the inside world,

I hope yawl following me, our only contact is through phone, letters, visitation B-side that we lost that outside world, that's why we the inside world, The living graveyard come because I compare prison to a graveyard. I'm going to break it down to give you and insight of what I mean. for example, when one of us family members die we do a funeral and have a viewing family and friends come together and pay they respects they take you to the graveside where everyone cries, brings flowers, once you 6 feet in deep. They come buy the first couple of weeks bring flowers, cry talk about the past but the weeks turn to months and the months into years and then poof be gone you just a memory. Now look when one of your loved one's get arrested, they take you to jail that is a form of a funeral, then they take your picture is like a viewing and during the waiting process your friends and loved one's come visit, write, they send you money show love. Once you are taken to court and found guilty

is like the burring process of the funeral everyone crying, hurt and pain. once you shipped to prison is like when they put you in the ground 6 feet under, except your alive to feel the hurt and pain of being forgotten. Therefore, I call prison the living graveyard.

Prison is a society unto itself it has it has own Heroes & leaders , we must deal with da situation at hand & it is easy to get a reputation of a dangerous man , in this environment the more violent you are the more respect you will receive .Prison has two types of people the predators or the prey. When you get off that bus , That day you choose which one you will be .

Wynwood Gansta Canito

Leonardo Perez #191482

Okeechobee C.I

Current Sentence :10/22/2031

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