The Night of 10/22/2012. By Eric Louis

The Night of 10/22/2012

Since I can Remember I’ve always a Good heart. If I can I am always down to help someone or people. After my daughter aunt was killed, I felt a need to help her mother get out of Palm Beach before she became next line for the drama, she kept up 24/7. I have had a talk with her on October 22nd and Decided she would be staying in Broward County at a friend’s house who she knew from Pompano Beach, Florida. I still do not know who this friend was or is to this day. The next night I took the Tri-Rail the next Night from Mangonia to Pompano off Sample Road. I got off and she called her “Friend “to come pick her up. While waiting we decided to go to a plaza on Sample Road & Military to get food from a Chinese Restaurant. We walked back to the Tri-Rail and since it was getting late, I asked her to call her Friend Back to see when she was coming. She called spoke with her Friend for a couple of minutes and hung up, she explained that her friend could not get off work and will be sending her brother instead to pick her up. I explained to her that the last Train was coming up and I need to make sure I get on it , this so called Brother of her Friend was taking long , so she called again and I didn’t think to monitor the conversation knowing that my Childs Mother is a compulsive Liar .When she got off the phone she explained that he was passing Cypress Creek , I grew up in Broward a little and knew that wasn’t too far to away for Him to be taking 40 minutes to come . I have now missed the train to get back home and her ride still have not arrived, I was not upset because there is one more train going North back to Palm Beach & I still have a place to raise my Head. Now the Train is coming and I know in my Heart I have to leave , but hear she comes crying and asking me not leave her out there alone so late .I know in my Gut leaving is the right thing to do and by the time I got to jump on the train the doors slammed .Now she calling her friend brother asking him if he can give me a ride home because I missed the train waiting with her ..

He had explained to her that he needed to make a few stops before he took me home but that he could take me home. While I waited there with her a bus pulled up and people started getting down as I looked, I seen a guy I used to sell drugs too while I was in the game, He had robbed me, and I went up to him and asked why would he do that to me? He explained to me that he was Nick’s twin brother and being that he looked much healthier I thought probably he was. My gut told me different I went back up to him and he said that he had just came out the hospital when I seen his wrist it was Nicholas Olson. So, he was lying to me so continue to question him. He explained that he was bad on drugs at the time, I felt kind of Sorry for him Because I know what addiction could drive people to do. Me being sympathetic as usual I tell him we good No Bad Blood. Yet he tells a dude waiting on his ride to call the Police. The dude replies for what dude if you owe him, you need to pay him. I looked at him and say what you got going I just told you we straight. So, he says okay and leaves, I see him going up to a cab driver, I do not know what is said then he leaves the area completely. I hear the police and I don’t leave because I have no reason too ..when they approached us me and my baby momma they cuffed us , searched us and found a gun in her purse my baby momma nothing on me . they arrested us and we got the Police station and told us we were being charged for robbery. @ this time I had been to prison twice, so I knew better than to speak without a lawyer. They told my baby mama that if she did not confess against me that they would give her a life sentence and offered her 5 years’ probation. Of course, she confessed against me because she didn’t know anything about the law and pressured to , I went to Trial Refusing the 25year mandatory offer that was given to me I lost both trials one for Robbery w/a firearm & the other for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon for a gun that was not even found on me and did not have my prints or DNA on. My child’s Mother never testified in the Trial of ever possessing the gun.

Eric Louis Dc# L56542

New River C.I.

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