The Process of Rejuvenation by Thirst! By: Osario Ryan.

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Blunt Trauma, along with dramatic force being administered to one’s body, mind and spirit. Healing is inevitable; however, the process can be quite painful. Once afflicted, a wound is created, that wound starts to heal by becoming a scab. Once the scab heals it becomes a scar and that scar will always have a story to tell. Pain is an intricate experience that individuals find difficult to cop with. I’ve learned that rejecting pain only increases the resistance, however embracing the pain allows it to embed itself deeply within your being, which allows all pain to subside. Experiencing diverse vicissitudes helps individuals foresee the outcome of certain situations by having the knowledge of a circumstances or occurrence. By understanding that occurrence we eliminate any type of disconnect among people with differences. By eliminating disconnect we find the opportunity to find a solution for any problem that arises. Further, individuals can extenuate any situation for the better. mastering this we have not only healed, subconsciously, but we are rejuvenated mentally ,spiritually , physically , ect .
Osario Ryan # H48347
*Mayo Correctional Institution (Male) 8784 US Highway 27 West Mayo, Florida 32066-3458

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