The Story : Rakim Watson

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I was living a life of Crime getting Money selling Drugs it was addictive the money, I know God didn't want me living that way .This lifestyle that I was living come with envy , hate, and jealousy .I know I don't have drug charges But if I didn't have money and status I feel I wouldn't have been a target of the police, who had hate and strife against me. Just because I had money I stood out different from the people I surrounded myself with, What made them want to retaliate on me and my family and friends: is one night my cousin Beat up an alleged victim and witness who testified against me in trial with a fabricated untruthful story. Anyhow my cousin beat up their family member, the same night their family member loses his life to an ongoing beef that didn't involve my Family, so their family tried to retaliate on anybody there lost loved one had beef with. they started going around shooting our houses and cars, anytime they seen us they tried to kill us other people were targeted as well. We was not the only family targeted by this fools, it was back and forth with it they shot at other family members I didn't get into it .I have 3 daughters I will never jeopardize going to jail about something that had nothing to do with me, if it wasn't about money I felt like F@$%^ them, these people was really beefing with their self , I never got into any altercation with them. THE POLICE TRYING TO TAKE EVERY BLACK MAN OFF THE STREET THEY CAN. The police started oppressing us harassing us, locking us up for drug related crimes. Police was using the people that was beefing with us as a tool they had become the police puppets then the police locked them up too, two to three months pass buy here they come do a drive by my cousin grandma house shoot up the house my cousin shot back and shot one of them in the buttocks, my cousin go to jail for it, it was all over the news .Daytona Beach Police Department made sure they painted a bad picture about my Family calling us thugs and low life's lying to the public saying we are violent criminals. Now had the police did their investigation on the person who killed there family member at the beginning on this story we wouldn't be in this mess, this retaliation was all on an assumption .My case was so political after they found me Guilty for this shit I didn't do, on the News they say I got lock up for the Murder happen in 2015. The state new I didn't commit these crimes they needed a conviction. All they care about is power moving up being promoted aint no justice in this system. I aint the First Black man Loss his Life to the Court system Being innocent. If I had anything to do with this crime, I would have taken the 10 yrs. they offered me before trial. I went to trial to prove my innocence; I didn't take them 10 yrs. because I am innocent. ( Back to the story I got in my feelings )In 02/2016 Maurice Moore started to chase my car and shot in the car , hit one of my passengers in the neck the bullet grazed him by the Grace of God it wasn't that bad , he didn't even have to go to the Hospital . Maurice the shooter goes and calls the police = telling them I shot his car, yo this niccas be trying to trick you off the street. I don't talk to the Police.

My cousin Tanesha leave in front they house and seen the police there while they calling to make the report, so my cousin approached the police and told them they were the one shooting and showed them the bullet hole in my car. So later that night my homeboy calls me about retaliating the one that got shot in the neck. So, I advised him not to do it being that the police were already alerted about the issue. So, me and the homeboy

get into an argument about the issue because he wants to retaliate from Maurice shooting at him and it was the 3rd time he tried shooting at us, anyhow I told him I wasn't with it ..later that night there was an altercation where someone went around there shooting I can probably estimate who did it but in reality I don't know I wasn't there . 5 months later the police come knocking on my door talking about a warrant for my arrest , Now you can see the news on here 3 of the victims testified I was not in the car , no finger print , DNA or victim place me on the crime scene. Maurice was one of the witness oh he changed his story twice or three times .his cousin Jevonte Hamilton said first he didn't see me caught 10 yrs. for something else then change his story said I was in the driver side and stated in trial and he SAID I'M TESTIFYING FOR MY IMMUNITY FOR MY FREEDOM ).Jury still found me guilty for Renold Williams and Jevonte Hamilton testimony False in consistent and obvious fabricated testimony . Both witness was Bias because they lost their cousin over a year ago and was thinking I had something to do with it .so 3 yrs. of 15 yrs. sentence by lying on me getting convicted for this was part of their revenge and they plead it out to the stand . They conspired with the system to get me convicted based on a he says, and she say not on evidence. I wrote president Trump and the governor. I pray my story gets out Maybe you could get the law Change or something so this won’t happen to nobody else ..

(This story is like many in the hoods where Families and Friends are beefing about things they haven't sat down and talk about or come to conclusion On ..)


Rakim Watson #V29690

Franklin C.I.

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