The story of BO-BO !

Bo-Bo and the Parker family was once close they did a lot for each other life was sweet , never in a million years would they have thought things would turn bitter sweet . Bobo was a small time money getter that always made good numbers on his own , the parkers knew it .so one day Joe parker so Bo-bo and offer him the chance of a lifetime by asking him to work for them , and it was easy for Bo-bo to say yes because he was in love with Pam parker all 5'6 140 pounds of all thickness . A well bread woman who was the sister of Tay joe Henry & jack parker so he saw his chance to get closer, to her so he took the job . to become a drug captain for the parkers boys which payed him $2,000 a week plus any extra he made under the table , so life was good time went and Bo-bo had all the stuff he wanted and business was booming . But just like everything in life you don't want to bite the hand that feed you so Bo-bo played it cool for the right moment to come and it did , one day while waiting for the pick -up to grab the money bag Pam showed up nothing about it I was struck like a star struck kid .

So pam initiated and said are you asking me out or what ? because if not I got business to take care of , I knew then she liked what she saw so I told her plain as day , I want you to be my Queen I didn't even know how pretty she was until that day so we hooked up and she told everyone and life was gravy for me . not to long after that her brother jack got sick when he went to the Health Department come to find out he had AIDS , being that he had a lot of woman he didn't know who gave him the virus so he went home that day and shot his girlfriend Toy with a tech 9 , 8 times killing her dead things started to get hot then .. I wanted out after that I really wanted to make my own moves , but you know how that goes people will let you go make your own moves until you start making moves then the hate come in . curing that time I had went to jail for driving with unpaid tickets the judge gave me 10 days in jail and her brother jack was there for murdering his wife . during my time there me and jack got along and then someone said I had slept with his wife toy so we got into it because of it , but it was a lie so we got into a physical fight and jack started spiting blood at me and we ran around the cell till the guards came and broke it up . well jack said I signed my death papers that day and I didn't think nothing of it because I was with pam his sister and I though she might talk to him about it and smooth things over .So after 6 days being there for a 10 day sentenced I got out and kepted making my money his family tried shutting down my business but since I have a of a polar bear I said hell naw so we fell out after that . One night I was out at the club called club 28 and there was some family members of the parker family was there e.j and dusty my crew got into it with them and it was bad one of them got his leg broke and eye socked out they had to spend time in the hospital . so after that one night I was chilling with e.j and I seen one of them dude that we got into it with so we went and spraid them fools cash we thought we killed him . that wasn't the case I sent a ex girl to find out but cash had not died . Well you can say I was unstoppable in the hood so the parker family realized that and sent 3 guys to my bay momma house and they killed her and my baby girl shot them dead R.I.P baby girl .. so I got the call went to the house what I seen was horrible I looked under the sheet and passed out , I waited cause I knew I would find out who did this to my baby not long the girl next door came and told me who did it so I paid the girl and her mama to keep quiet . so I waited to pay my respect to my family and called the boys and told them about it and if they was ride to die we was gonna ride . so I got me a mac 90 with 80 round and went in there and killed 2 people and shot 5 more then I turned around and seen Ms .Amy looking at me , I told her not tell no one and she can got but hours later she was telling the police about it .. a man hunt was out for me 6 days later one night about 1:00 am I was caught by people telling on me and charged with murder & attempted murder and robbery . during my time in jail a lot people I knew started getting arrested and started singing and I got 2 life sentence plus 40 yrs , I never thought I would see the street again a lot of people I thought loved me gave me the ass to kiss . after 12 years in jail I was able to get back to court and told my side of the story and moved a lot of hearts in that court room , they gave me 25 yrs I have been here 24 yrs and will be home soon by the grace of God . Prison have taught me something to be patient treat people with respect I know both side of the tales for sure , I'm sharing my story because I want people to know put the guns down love each other and remember God is always watching ..



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