The truths from within

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

Anthony T. Smith

The nucleus of street wars

The Truth from within “

Hello world my name is Anthony T. Smith and I want to share a true story with you about life in the hood, that really disturbed me to the point that I need find a solution to this problem. The reason that I come to you with this is because I can’t do it alone, so I’m going to need each one of you to join me in this movement to make a difference.

Some of the individuals are still pending trials in some of these matters so I will be using fictitious names so that I will not incriminate anyone. I was transferred to Hamilton C.I in August 2012. I was housed in I-dormitory which is nick named “Iraq’ because of all the stabbings and other violence that went on in this dormitory.

While housed in the dorm for a few months. I met a young dude from my city Miami and we will just call him ‘D’. D was just 20 years old at the time and was sentenced to natural life prison for murder. As I got to know him I took a liking to him because one thing that I noticed about him that he really had a good heart. I saw a lot of good in him and I could relate to what he was going through, because I was 20 years old at one point running the same streets. There is a major difference in between the time I ran those streets and the time how there running them, so as time went I noticed that D would always be in conversations with others jits about guns/violence and popping x. So, one day I called him up to my room and sat him down and asked him why was he always talking about gun violence and what was he going through out there? He said “shit, that’s just what it is in my hood, when niccas at war”. I asked him what was he at war for? He then explained “cause them niccas played when they killed my dog” (we’ll just call him ‘J’) so I asked him what happened that lead ‘J’ to get killed? And he said that the beef started when they were young, remember that ‘D’ is only 20 years old. I asked him what the beef was about? he paused for a few minutes to think about it, then he said “oh I remember how it all started Unc” (it’s what the young dudes call the old heads in prison…me). He then went on to say “I remember one day when we were like 13 and 14 years old me and my dog “Zay, “RayRay” and Cory was at the park with two chicks smoking weed on the bleachers one day after school, we was smoking and the weed kicked in, my dawg “Zay cracked on “drack” you look like a Mexican cockroach. Everybody busted out laughing and the girls were cracking up. so “drake” got into his feelings and punched “Zay’ in the face so they started fighting. I tried to break up the fight and as I was pulling drake off of Zay, Zay got a good punch in on drake while I was holding him so then Cory and Ray Ray got mad at me for holding on to drake and breaking up the fight, so Cory started talking crazy so me and him started fighting. After that, Zay and I got tight and we stopped hanging out with Drake, Cory and Ray Ray. From then on out, every time we saw each other it was on and popping”. I asked him what happened after the first fight that lead up to ‘J’ being killed? he said that time went by and the time they was 16 yrs they was walking to the corner store and ran up on Drake, Cory, Ray Ray and another dude he didn’t know. He said that they exchanged some words and the drake pulled out a small hand gun and shot at them twice and luckily not of them got hit. He said that he went and talked to his big brother about the incident and told him that he needed a gun, so his big brother gave him one. About a month or so later he saw Ray Ray walking through the park one night with two others dudes that he didn’t know so he popped a few shots at them but nobody got hit. Another year or so went by and both sides started selling a little dope and was making money and as you know with money comes a lot of new friends so both sides had grown in numbers. As the clicks got bigger, better guns were being bought. After shots were fired from both sides, from here on out there would be no more fighting. The next time they crossed paths “J” got hit and died. They retaliated and one of the next to die was Ray Ray and the next to die was one of the new friends. Now that’s one dead from ‘d ‘click and 2 dead from drake click. when drake click retaliated it was a new kid from ‘D’ click to die. The fights went on for 2 years before arrest were made in the cases, when it was all over you had a total of 5 kids dead all under 20 years old. After all the arrest were made you had ‘D’ facing life in prison for murder, Zay facing a life sentence for murder, also two of the new kids that joined the click after their argument at 13, was facing murder as well and all because of a misunderstanding. When it was all said and done we have 12 families destroyed, we have 5 kids no older than 20 years old dead and 7 kids no older than 20 years old facing life in prison.

So now I ask you the same question that I asked D, why do we have 5 kids dead, 7 kids facing life in prison and 12 families destroyed? (what is the nucleus?)

What could have been done to avoid this?

What would be your solution?

I will be giving you my answers to these 3 questions in my next letter to Fly Guy Photoshop, but I would love to read some of your responses. The people of Fly Guy Photoshop has agreed to print and mail me your response so feel free to respond.

I will like to thank Fly Guy Photoshop for giving me the ability to share this story with the world and I think is a good thing what they’re doing by allowing the inmates to give their stories an opportunity to reach the outside world.

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