There are Three sides to every Story, theirs, yours and the truth! by Dax Hawkins

I want to finally let the truth be known as to what I was doing on October 19,2003.

My name is Dax Hawkins and I am currently serving a life sentence in the Michigan department of corrections for first degree murder. I started out the day in question by having breakfast with my then girlfriend. After that I dropped her off and met up with a couple of my partners. We discussed some business that we had on the floor. I was already sentenced to self-surrender myself into federal custody for a violation of my supervised release, later that week. I was actively involved on the sale of marijuana at this time. I was trying to make sure things would still run smooth while I was away. After that meeting I picked up another female whom I was dealing with and that is when we rode pass a gas station and seen Jason Taylor. I pulled into the lot and got out to talk to Jason about some money that he owed me. He stated that he did not have it right then but that he had just got some a shipment of marijuana in and should have it for me later that night. He then asked me if I could help him get rid of the weed. I told him that I had a lot to do that day because I was having a going away party later that night and I had a lot of loose ends to tie up. As we were talking, I received a phone call from someone asking if I had a few pounds of marijuana, I then told them to pull up to the gas station at which time I made the transaction for him. I told him that I would send a few people his way if they called me, which I did. I invited him to the party and pulled off. Me and the female that I was with went to eat and then I dropped her off. I then bumped into another group of females and was asked to have a drink with them, so I followed them to a bar. Once we got there a couple of the girls said they were hungry, so I suggested that we go to the jazz club down the street that had good food. So, once we got the jazz club, we ordered drinks and they ordered food. I talked shit with them for a while then left to go get my girlfriend. This was around 9-9:30 pm, once I had picked up my girlfriend went straight to the bar in which my party was being held. We arrived around 9:45pm and stayed until a little before closing say about 1:30am. We were with several of my associates and never did I leave the bar. I did not see Jason at my party, nor did I speak with him again that night after I had talked to him at 6pm when I turned him on to someone who wanted to purchase some pounds of marijuana.

That is basically the events that I partook in on October 19,2003. As you are probably aware of there was no robbery or murder taking place in this story. I left Detroit en-route to Atlanta, GA two days later to visit another lady friend before I turned myself in and she was to drive me to Manchester, KY on the 24th. It was not until December 16,2003 I then found out that I had a detainer lodged against by the state of Michigan for murder charges. At this time, I did not know who it was that I was supposed to have killed, I just knew it was a mistake. Once I had completed my sentence for the violation I was extradited back to Michigan. It was not until June that I had a chance to face my accuser at my preliminary exam. I had a choice to waive the hearing but after seeing a man who I considered not a friend but someone who I would think wouldn't put these type of charges on me I needed to hear him say it. Jason basically got on the stand and said that me and him had a series of phone calls throughout the day mainly from 6:00pm until 11:15pm for the purpose of setting up a drug deal. He said that we met up and I had a guy with me who I was supposed to be selling 20-24 pounds of marijuana to. We were supposed have met up once and the deal did not go thru because the buyer said he was uncomfortable because he had never dealt with Jason before. He then said I called him right back and said the guy was comfortable now and we ended up meeting back up with Jason and Earl (whom was there for protection, says Jason). When we supposedly met up it was at a video store parking lot, and there were too many people, so it was decided to pull around the block. At this point Jason says that I told him there was a man doing something to his lawn so Jason decided to put the drugs in the trunk of the buyers car and we were to pull around the corner again to exchange the money. Once around the corner Jason said that I got out of the buyer’s car with a shoebox and a bag in the other hand. I opened the backdoor and said "there is something wrong with the grams" , and started shooting striking earl and the Jason. He said that the buyer got out the car and ran up and shot too. Now I want to make sure that it is known that there were five different accounts of what happened that night, none of the details were the same. The only thing Jason was consistent about was in every story he said that I shot and killed Earl. I never seen nor met Earl in my life, so some had no reason to harm him, me and Jason were not on bad terms even though he owed me a substantial amount of money. I had no motive to harm or rob either of them for 20-24 pounds of marijuana, or to have an accomplice for that amount of marijuana would have been asinine. I do not know why Jason felt the need to throw me under the bus and put this crime on me. What I do know is Jason was shot and earl was killed that is the one thing I do know. I am not even convinced that there was a robbery or drug deal, my theory is that Jason met up with someone whom I connected him with. Some way or another one of the parties was on bullshit and someone put guns into the scenario. Whatever happened Jason either felt I had something to do with it, or he was making sure I wasn’t on the streets if it came out that he was trying to rob or get down on someone I sent to him. continued.....

Dax Hawkins #532345

Michigan Correctional Facility

123 Prison Street

Anytown, MI 48909

You can Contact me Through Jpay or Mail ! Thank you

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