Timothy Hammock My Last 24 Hours !

On September 27, 2010 Me and Some friends of mine got together to hangout. I’m from a little town in Hillsborough, Fl called Lithia. Me and my friend Heather had recently met, maybe a month and half before the incident. That night we just wanted to spend time with each other ,after talking to a few people I knew one including my neighbor Derrick Wilkerson .We all decided to go Hog hunting Heather had never been hunting and wanted to experience it for herself & wanted to see why I like it so much. There is a lot of ways to hog hunt but the way I did it was, I load up the dogs and go through the backroads until you spot a pig then I let the dogs loose then you chase them down !I drove down to a spot I always liked and we switched drivers around cause every time I spot a hog I jump out with dogs , one time I seen a smaller hog so I wanted heather to jump out with me so she can experience the adrenaline & fun that comes with hog hunting . Morning was approaching and Derrick had a Court Appointment, so we headed back with no success. The road back had a Mc Donald’s on the way, and I asked if anyone was hungry so when we got our order the order was messed up and my friend when in to get it fixed while we waited outside .Derrick was complaining because he didn’t want to be late to Court, me and heather where the only one’s hungry ! Derrick went up on State Road 640 is a long road and he usually would put the car on cruise control but on that day, it was no different except he was speeding up a little more to not get late to court. During the drive I heard Derrick said he couldn’t slow down and to not rear rend the vehicle in front of us he passed the car and we ran into a truck that was coming , all of us was thrown out the vehicle my friend Heather lost her life Jeffery ,Holly and I were in the ICU, Derrick walked out the accident with minor bruises . A month later I walked out the Hospital looking like Frankenstein, I had staples & stitches everywhere I received a plate on my collarbone, 3 plates and rod on my left arm, my lung collapsed, and I had a cut from my belly button to my right but cheek. The vehicle we were in was a 1998 Ford explorer I was thrown for the backside window behind the driver seat I was sitting back there with Heather she was in the middle of the seat. The day I come home from Hospital Derrick come over to see me, He was my neighbor, so he jumped the fence to see me, we have been neighbors since we were kids. He asked me how I was, and he told me he was sorry. I was hurt more than physically, but I knew he didn’t cause the accident purposely, so I didn’t hold no grudge and we talked and caught up. He asked if I remember the accident, I told him I remember everything prior to the accident. He said he told the police that he didn’t remember the accident because he couldn’t afford any more trouble so I told him I wouldn’t tell on him. I spoke with the Police and told them I couldn’t remember the accident but that I know I wasn’t the driver. 13 months after the accident I was arrested for Vehicular Homicide, Reckless Driving without a license. Derrick had told the police it was me driving at the time of the crash and since Holly & Jefferey never remember anything past the time we were in Mc Donald’s. Police Officers used Derrick testimony and position of where he said he was sitting and we all where sitting including me as the driver seat and states that based on the evidence which they destroyed I was doing 102mph during the time of the accident. Police Officers didn’t use pictures to build this ridiculous case against me, but that’s all they gave the defense to use to try to build a defense .James Dobbins the driver of the truck told them there is no way that we was doing 100mph. His testimony painted a picture of a simple mistake this coming from the actual eyewitness who seen the crash. Polk County used Jeremy Sasser whose probation was reinstated for him to testify against me. He said that I told him that I stomped the gas pedal and jerked the wheel to go head on with a tree. The State attorney knew this was a lie because we didn’t even hit a tree and based on the eyewitness confession, we were trying to pass the vehicle ahead when we hit the truck. by them allowing him to testify it violating my due process .In 2016 while investigating on my case I found a case about the 1998 Ford Explorer and how it suffered numerous manufacture defects including throttle sticking when disengaging from cruise control, along with other defects including throttle .That’s when I realized when I heard Derick saying that he couldn’t slow down the car , both vehicles where destroy in my case if not this could have been found out freeing me from this case.

Time isn’t Hard and my eyes needed to be opened, but what is unbearable is how Polk County manipulated, fabricated and destroyed evidence to obtain conviction on an innocent man. Thanks to Flyguy because of you I can Share my Story!

Timothy R Hammock #H38404

Lake Correctional Institution (Male) 19225 U.S. Highway 27

Clermont, Florida 34715-9025

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