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Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Tommy E. Hunter

What’s up world? My name is Skakur Israel, now that I have come to the truth of our true black history. I was born Tommy E. Hunter on March 7, 1991 in Boyton Beach, FL a city located in Palm Beach county. I’m currently finishing up a 15-yr. sentence (3.5 years remaining) for a few crimes I’ve committed in my younger years. I was raised alongside my younger brother by a struggling mother and stepfather. Having to endure a tough upbringing, 6-7 years old with no water, no lights and all at the same time, not knowing what or if we would even eat at night, wearing dirty clothes and beat up shoes that lead me to a life of crime at an early age. I never had to experience my mother telling me to stay on the porch or don't leave the neighborhood, it wasn't that she didn't care she was a child herself, so it was hard for her. My brother, cousins and I used to go terrorizing the streets, I got into so many fights for my mother that you can’t even imagine. My life of crime started at 7 or 8 years old, I wanted the Jordan’s and Nike, etc. so we used to go to Wal-Mart stealing clothes and shit, then we would walk to the mall and steal shoes, which was petty, but I called it surviving. Christmas would come around and my step father would always get our hopes up, then Christmas be here and there was nothing for us. Me, not understanding the fact of us being poor kept an attitude. I mean, my grandfather (my mother’s father) would have me and my brother a bicycle but who wants a bike when your peers are riding a go-peds, mini motor cycles, dirt bikes, etc. This lead me to the life of stealing. I would gather up a few of my rounds and we would take from cracker towns and knock out white boys off of their stuff and speed off. When my mom would inquire about the things I tell her it was my father's grandma who gave it to me, she knew what time it was though. My life went from stealing bikes and shoes to breaking into houses and “gwat hunting” (knocking out drunk chicos). I came in contact with the law at the age of 11, my two cousins and I broke into the police station once (crazy it ain't?) thus introducing me into my first program, my mom knew I was far gone by then, I been in and out of detention center and two more programs since. I may have never had nothing but one thing I never had a problem with was getting females, good girls are really attracted to bad boys. Being released from my first program, I never had a place to call home, leaving my brother and I living from pillow to post, my mother then was living in a 1-bedroom efficiency. My aggressive attitude and living kept me with a gang of females. I used to call them up and stay with them while their parents were asleep, I was living like this until I met my first love, her name was Gabrielle. This girl changed my life in many ways, I was hustling, selling dope, weed and pills, she used to tell me about being in the streets and tell me about my “so called homeboys”. I’m not gonna lie, I wish I would have took heed but hey, everything happens for a reason, right? My biggest downfall was not being able to shake the many robberies and burglaries, I never had a problem hustling, it was just to slow for me. I wanted that quick and easy money, you feel me? My life took a turn for the worst when I found my grandmother dead. I really got on some bullshit then by robbing any and everything moving. Gabby tried to tell me to slow down, but I wasn't trying to hear it. I met my father’s daddy for the first time at my grandmother’s funeral. I was 17 years old, which is also when I fell. Not listening got me 15 yrs. in the department of corrections, since then, I’ve endured a lot of pain and heartache, gabby disappeared, homeboys weren’t homeboys and who ever said blood was thicker than water, lied. I honestly thank our lord Yahweh for this time because I could've gotten killed in those streets. My so-called homeboys kept me deep in beef, I never had a problem of my own, all of my problems came from the strength of other people, everyone used to view me as a bad kid, but I never did nothing I did what I did to survive. Although I’ve done somethings, I’m not proud of it, however, my past doesn't dictate the man I have become, I’m still learning and growing. if I had to change anything in my life, I wouldn't change a thing. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”. I’ve now been down for 10 yrs. and have endure the motions of hatred to love, I'm grateful for my 15 yrs. anything under, I probably wouldn't have learned anything and got out on the same shit. I now have a sense of direction and found love in a woman who loves me for who I am, her name is Cierrs and I am grateful for her coming into my life. I came into the system in a young age and was extremely wild, prison is no doubt a terrible place to be but if time is used in the correct way it can become heaven. My life took a drastic turn the moment I took the time to sit my ass down and observe everything that was transpiring around me. Perceiving the many old timers who have been corralled for 20 plus years still clinging unto faith, although all seem lost, it pushed me to make a change, that and having the opportunity to speak with a few thorough dudes. Yahweh brought my way, gave me an idea to do what I feel is my calling, feed the lord's sheep. I’m now in the process of establishing my own entertainment label called, For the Struggle Ent. I write good street quality novels with a mission to captivate my readers into the pages of each novel I label mates release. My sole purpose is to teach a valuable lesson through the various adversities of life, that's only one aspect of my label. Being in my present situation prevented me from revealing too much information but I would love for you all to be on the lookout for my movement. Please note that I plan on doing it in a major way, I put my life on it, if you like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me at Tommy Hunter #W373342 Santa Rosa Annex.

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