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Updated: Dec 30, 2019

To:The Flyguy Fallen Soldiers: From A Fallen Flyguy:

A message from the Poet: First and foremost, My Government name is “Travis S. Hall, But I go Zephaniah Ben Yisroel. I am the Messenger! I’ve been incarcerated for 12 years and only have nine months left of my sentence. Averse in the “Bible” says, if you don’t use the Talents that God gave you, they will be snatched away and given to someone else that will use them. My talent is writing , I write Poetry and Music and I am here to encourage others to not lose their faith in their higher power and goals and dreams .We need to live life and love & love the life that we live .Upon my release, I want not only to show my case as a writer , but also be a Public Speaker to all who are willing to listen . Behind my work, there’s a message that runs deep from our black cultural roots to the times we are facing now. I write about the struggles we go through daily, the love we all want but are too ashamed to show and give back. The hatred we hate, but too blind to see that at times we’re hating, not only other’s but our own people, in which reflects ourselves and especially our children. There’s a book I’m writing called “Only You Can Make a change that will surely Break the Chains” ... and here is a few insert’s

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He’s the Alpha and Omega, but which part came first? I’m here to tell you is just a simple thought, it’s a thought without a purpose and in school that’s what we were taught. It first started with a vision. Then Ideas Started to form, but it seems like there’s something missing.

Asa man thinketh, so is he, that we came to be.

God said “let there be light! But that is only if you are willing to see.

Let me ask a question, “S.U.N OR YOU OUT’? (is you in) ... sound like a question.

He’s the Alpha and the Omega, which means the beginning and the end...

The creation is in the mind of man, in which on earth as it is in heaven, which is the foundation.

To help you Stand...

As a man thinketh, it is he who affiliate and partake, in the creation you are created in which the mind thought to create. Our creation is in the mind of the brain, “Only you can make a change that will surely break the chain.

The meaning of the Poem is the significance of knowing the power we possess within ourselves, due to the God that dwells in each one of us, but you must get to know the nature within. It says, seek to know all things, but not to just know all things, but know the nature of that thing. Another thing, this world was living in is a weird place, but at the same time a wonderful place at heart.

Meaning: There’s a balance to everything, so love and hate is what runs the world and it’s on you, how it’s ran within your circle. What bothers me, is how we as in the people are always blaming others for the mishaps and doings of this world, like enslaving, injustices, & everything that the laws are provided for. It’s because of our lack of knowledge, the bible says are people are destroyed because they lack knowledge. There is two more poems that I’ve written explaining my thoughts and opinion on the system of injustice and the world of politics. I'm going to end this for now though, but I hope this letter and my words from the heart are scattered like dry bones and left to be picked up by the willing to see them live on. I was referred to flyguy by a roommate at the dorm next to me and I hope that the world can see my message.

To: The Flyguy Fallen Soldiers: From A Fallen Flyguy:

Travis Hall dc#W16171

Jackson C.I.

Current Release date : Out and Living Life

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