When I need it you most.

When I need it you most?

When I need you the most you left me for dead.

Yeah, I’m hurt and is obvious form the tears I’ve shed.

News Flash I thought you be the one I share my bed with, My

life was on the line then you left me for dead. as I stood

there nervous and scared. I would have laid

down my life for you in a second, you know how we used to

do, you for me and me for you. well that's how it was till you made that

fake move. when I need you the most I turned around and looked and

there was no you. somewhere free and on the move, it would have been nice to see your face

right before they sentenced me. I looked for you and didn't see you,

So much for the friendship, love, loyalty and respect, still deep inside I can't walk away

I will never turn my back on you no way, even though you made me feel some type of way

just know there is no grudge, no ill way in my way the love is till real even though I felt some type of way ..

Cedric Brown

Union C.I.

Life Sentenced

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